Autumn 2014

Their rarity made them precious
because they would not sing for me
for all that I begged and pleaded
My thoughts were always free.

I always looked at letters and words
as thoughts that you could bleed
But, no matter how long I called to them
they would never answer to me.

But warm Winters came to my scattered head
where there was light, and shades of sound
while I grieved for the words, silenced and dead
yet thanked the Stars I had been found.

But, even safety nets tear, and the best plans fail
There’s nothing we know that shall stay the same
I know, you promised the sun amidst this gale
but my own words were drowning in the rain.

Please understand why I could not stay
Not when you’d so easily watch them bleed.
Yes, every price must be paid
But, they mean the entire world to me.

And now, they sing for you, they always do
while I stand here struck with the blues
My words are cliched and awkward, but true
And stuck in the middle with you.

Excerpt from The Book of Sa-Heti (by J. Michaud)

Section 2 – Spiritual Heritage

19 — The Chapter of the Rosy Light

A-UM !

12. And Chrishna, the Bringer of Light, spoke unto his Disciples, saying the ancient Precepts over again, as he had spoken them in previous Incarnations, aeons and aeons of ages ago on earth; in times long lost within the dark oblivion of the far, dim past.

13. ‘Have Faith, be it even a little faith, for this will save thee from many calamities and free thee from all fear.

14. ‘This is a great and simple Law: a Law unto the faithful; for men who trust in worldly aid live in complexity, having manifold intricate laws, which are like shifting sands that suck the wanderer who trusts in their solidity unto perdition.

15. ‘For such laws are like unto the souls that made them, whose only foundation is the nether world.

16. ‘Such have no faith, no trust; first, because they judge all other men by the faultiness of their own foundations, and secondly because all their laws consist of contradictions, twisted by rogues for the destruction of fools, who place in them their foolish worldly trust, and give credence to their makers and expounders.

17. ‘Have only faith in God and in the Lords of Life, whose words are Truth, whose Laws are just and sure, unchangeable and not to be distorted by the arts of devils’ ingenuity; for based they are upon the adamantine surety of God’s own Mercy and His Justice, which can no more be deviated by slick excuse and sly prevarication than an ant can overturn a mighty Alp.

18. ‘Therefore, in no man place thy trust, for he is powerless to aid thee by himself, or lead thee to the Safety of Light and Truth:

19. ‘For all men are but instruments, blind tools, who act upon the inspiration (quite unknown to them) which comes from God….or from the Serpent; and wise is he who knows the veritable source of ignorant man’s actions.

20. ‘The man who thinks he does thee well may be thine executioner.

21. ‘The man who hateth thee, can, mayhap, be just the very tool which opens up the door which leads unto the Path of thy Salvation.

22. ‘And only God can separate the false and the true and know the hidden purpose and the spring of all men’s slightest actions.

23. ‘Distrust the man who spurs thee on to do good works to reap the fruits of good deeds done;

24. ‘Who prophesies great wealth and power if thou do thus and thus, and so and so;

25. ‘Who prates to thee of endless lives on earth in utter bliss, if thou abound in charity and temple rites, of wealth and power, which (he says) is God’s reward for those who prop the State and Constitution;

26. ‘Who grants thee merit, bountiful, in future times for present works of ‘faith’, according to his precepts;

27. ‘Who promises to teach thee full control of all the elements and demon forces: that thou mayest rule the earth and all that’s on it and within, by means of magic rituals.

28. ‘For know that they who promise this, or who desire vast wealth and power, are lax of soul and mind, forsaken by the Father for their lies and greed, and handed over to the lower ones, to live and die in spiritual destitution.

29. ‘The man who puts his trust and faith in other men is lost for sure, and when he seeks the help of God at last, it is too late, for God will send him to the men in whom he placed that trust and faith, for such is the Law, in Truth and Justice.

30. ‘Be free of all the laws laid down by men: but do not act against them.

31. ‘Be free of all the rituals and priests: but let who will obey them.

32. ‘Be free of that self-righteousness which calculates its profits due when all its devilments are done: for the Serpent only will take profit in the end.

33. ‘Thou! Go forth when the time of thy Mission arrives; do right; ask not, and thou shalt not want.

34. ‘Be right deeds themselves thy reward, and not their fruits: for by acting rightly thou doest God’s own work at His behest, and not thine own.

35. ‘The fruit of all good deeds be God’s, not Man’s.

36. ‘Go forth, then, and act; dream not in self-pitying sloth, but labour mightily.

37. ‘Right acts must be thy piety, not mumbled prayers at the holy shrine; for this is the excuse of sluggards, to sit and pray instead of being up and doing.

38. ‘Plan not what thou shalt do ‘tomorrow’, nor prate about the work of later days: but do it NOW.

39. ‘Cast Self aside, condemning gain and merit.

40. ‘Be poised and calm in good and evil times; for those who in this way show God their love and trust will reach the Peace, unknown to men whose love and faith are in the world, instead of in the Father.

41. ‘Let the Soul be thy Heaven, counselling the Mind with Wisdom, and scorn all those who practise virtue in hope of reward.

42. ‘For this is pure devotion and attunement with the Higher Worlds, and the Soul of God, and those who dwell within his Radiance.

43. ‘And cast aside good deeds and bad alike, following the Call of the Inner Voice, though thou hearest not its utterance with outward ears.

44. ‘By peaceful meditation (whilst thou workest) shall Light and Truth fulfil thy Self, shaking off the tangled cords of wrongful teachings, which guide the ignorant, alone.

45. ‘And thus, freed from man-made laws, doctrinal oracles, and priestly lore and dogma, and love of gain and fortune,

46. ‘Safe shalt thou dwell in life, quite sure within, untroubled by the world of men and their opinions, until the Day when Greater Life begins in Greater Light, in Bliss—and Peace—and Beauty’.

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Whose coming do you await? [‘Kiska Rasta Dekhe” – English Translation]

Kiska Rasta Dekhe
Whose arrival do you wait for?

– Kishore Kumar

Kiska Rasta Dekhe
Whom are you awaiting?
Ae Dil Ae Saudaai
Oh, heart; oh, lunatic.
Meelon Hai Khamoshi
For miles around, there is silence
Barson Hai Tanhaai
and for ages, loneliness
Bhuli Duniya Kabhi Ki Tujhe Bhi Mujhe Bhi
The World has long forgotten you, as well as me
Phir Kyon Aankh Bhar Aai
Then why do the eyes tear up?
O Kiska Rasta Dekhe…
O, whose coming do you watch for?
Ae Dil Ae Saudaai
Oh, heart; oh, lunatic.

Koi Bhi Saaya Nahin Raahon Mein
There is no shadow whatsoever on these paths
Koi Bhi Aayega Na Baahon Mein
There’s no one to rush into these arms
Tere Liye Mere Liye Koi Nahin Rone Waala Ho
For you, for me, no one is going to cry
Jhuta Bhi Naata Nahin Chaahon Mein
A false relationship doesn’t even exist in my desires
Tu Hi Kyon Dubaa Rahey Aahon Mein
Why then are you immersed in your sighs?
Koi Kisi Sang Marey Aisa Nahin Hone Waala
That someone actually dies alongside someone else, that isn’t going to happen.
Koi Nahin Jo Yunhi Jahaan Mein Baante Peer Paraee
There is no one who simply, in this world, shares and understands the pain of others.
Ho Kiska Rasta Dekhe…
Whose coming do you watch for?
Ae Dil Ae Saudaai
Oh, heart; oh, lunatic.

Tujhe Kya Beeti Hui Raaton Se
What do you care of the nights that have passed?
Mujhe Kya Khoyi Hui Baaton Se
What do I care of conversations that are lost?
Sej Nahin Chita Sahi Jo Bhi Miley Sona Hoga Ho
If not a bed of roses, a pyre will do. Whatever we get, we must sleep in
Gai Jo Dori Chhuti Haathon Se O
Once the thread has slipped from our hands
Lena Kya Chhute Hue Saathon Se
What have we to do with broken relationships?
Khushi Jahaan Maangi Tuney Wahin Mujhe Rona Hoga
Where you asked for happiness, that’s where I shall have to cry
Na Koi Tera Na Koi Mera Phir Kiski Yaad Aaee
There’s no one who is yours, nor anyone, mine; then who is being remembered?
O Kiska Rasta Dekhe…
Whose coming do you watch for?
Ae Dil Ae Saudaai
Oh, heart; oh, lunatic.

Nothing is True

Nothing is True because nothing is known; or at least nothing is known in its entirety. It is important at this point to keep in mind that the statement is intended to be a mere observation of the world rather than any sort of doctrine.

In Ancient Greece, the scholars of the time of Aristotle believed that Stones fell to the Earth because of some sort of “Love” that they felt towards the ground. Today, we know of gravity, but do we know why it exists? Or how it’s possible for a force of attraction to be stronger and stronger the further away two objects are from one another? (And, the love that the Greeks spoke of, it can also be translated as a sort of “attraction” between the falling stone and the ground. Is that not what gravity really is?)

Likewise, we know that millions of birds and animals migrate thousands of miles every year, but we still don’t know how they know their path? or how the Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica came into existence, or what the hell was up with the Tunguska event, and a million other things. Yes, we know a lot more than we did in the past, and we will know a lot more in the future, but will human beings ever know everything? Perhaps, perhaps not. But, as of now, we do not.

Hence, one cannot make an absolute statement today with any sort of absolute conviction in its truth, because, *Nothing* is true. We know nothing for certain. The Church, the State, these are only institutions that we, as humans, have created for ourselves. “To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.”

The only voice that you should listen to is the one inside you that can tell right from wrong. Make your own path, because it is just as true as every other path anyone might direct you towards. Surely,it is even more so. If every human governed themselves, we wouldn’t be so dependent on all these oppressive institutions that our own immorality has caused us to fearfully establish. We’ve been fueling them with terror and our disgraceful behavior. And States can’t save the millions of people starving of hunger, only other people can. God is not going to stop any War. People have to.

Nothing is True, because something must be, and we have not found it yet.

And, in order to find the truth, One has to proceed on the assumption that nothing one encounters is likely to be the truth. In fact, one should be certain of this. With such an approach, the entire onus of proving itself to be true belongs to the alleged truth itself. In a way, the rationale is quite similar to the Buddhist philosophy of questioning Everything one comes across; It is only thus that we can discover the true nature of anything, including the Truth of Truth itself.