If I was Voting Tomorrow

Well, I still have some time to make up my mind. But, I think this time, in Delhi at least, the AAP has conducted itself with surprising efficiency and no-nonsense. So, if I would be voting tomorrow, I think the Aam Aadmi Party would get my vote based on these three reasons alone:1. Only party that has not once spoken about castes or reservations.

2. Instead of the general practice of releasing 1 manifesto for the entire state and having all candidates carry a copy, the AAP has 27 candidates in 27 constituencies, and 27 different manifestos, all identifying the strengths, weaknesses and requirements of each constituency.
3. Minimal wastage of money on stupid things. (I mean, they are the last guys I would expect to be building and justifying the building of statues)
Also, the biggest criticism against them is actually the part I find most endearing: That none of their representatives are actually the “Aam Aadmi”.

Yes. They are not. Instead, from every locality, they have chosen someone who has made it big in a respectable field, someone with adequate income to not be dependent on money earned from office (State), yet someone who is, if not out and out concerned, at least aware of the problems of local people from all walks of life. And, most importantly, every single one of their candidates is highly educated. Like, uber important that is, I believe.

In other words, they have tried choosing from among the best. And isn’t that what democracy and this whole election process is supposed to be about?

If nothing else, I believe the AAP shows a coming of age of Indian democracy. Finally. And I think that alone makes them worthwhile of the chance. Unlike mass murderers and their close-minded sycophants, or dynasty loyalists..


RIP Sudipto Gupta

22 year old, arrested and beaten up by the police so bad, one of his eyes was knocked out of its socket. Was denied immediate medical aid. Is dead.

His crime? Protesting.

“Mr Gupta was among hundreds of students who were protesting against the government’s decision to postpone college union elections. They were forced by the police on to a bus that was meant to take them to jail. Mr Gupta’s friends say he was battered by the police till he was unrecognisable.”

Read the entire sad, horrifying tale here.

They’re all my age. The educated youth of India, determined to brighten the bleak future of this appallingly unapologetic nation.

And, what is their reward? Rape and Murder.

Forget about “anti-social” elements; the villain here is the State itself.

Fuck Police Brutality. Do we really have no value or regard for human life whatsoever?

But, then, going by Hindu philosophy, it’s all karma, right? If not in this lifetime, then in the next, you must be sure your sins will find you out. Like the Buddhists say. Anyhow, the point being, maybe we’ve all been these horrible people who are the horrible people now, and this is all just atonement.

But, that’s not fair.

Not that that’s relevant. What is relevant is that another one of us has been murdered, and the illiterate government couldn’t give less of a fuck.

I don’t understand it. We have an overpopulation problem. We have an unemployment problem. Both our police force, as well as the judiciary, is horribly understaffed.

Why doesn’t someone do something?

Yes, if you look, you can always find the ones who are trying.

But, why is their reward only brutality?

Why are we killing our young?

And, for a country that considers age so supremely important, why won’t middle aged frustrated dudes stop raping and murdering teenagers?! And toddlers too, now.

What the hell is wrong with this country?!

Friends, Indians, Countrymen

Neither the government, nor the police, nor any other paid force is ever going to wake up and go “aww, lets protect our citizens better”. It’s like this, 

Example 1: This guy comes to you and gives you thousands of dollars. Says that he gambles, but doesn’t trust himself to not lose the money or get robbed, so he just wants to stash it in one of your unused cupboards. You say okay, and everything is fine at first, until you notice that he never really bothers counting the money, and is forever throwing in bundles, and pulling them out. How tempted will you be to take that money? Now, suppose there are three of you in that house. If one guy says “Fuck it, man. He’s never gonna notice, lemme take some.”, how long will it be before the others follow suit?

Example 2: You’ve employed a lady to cook your food and clean your kitchen. At first, she’s amazingly efficient, and tidy. The food tastes great, and the kitchen is all sparkly. But, suppose you never ask her to do anything, never insist that she dust something or cleans something else, are you really going to be surprised when it all comes to a bare essentials kind of set-up?

What I’m trying to say is, don’t you think it’s kinda crazy to hand over all those individual rights and liberties (which we do, by the way, in exchange for certain securities while being citizens of the State) to an unrelated, external oligarchic system, and just expect them to always do what’s best for us? Even if we’ve shown ourselves to be a sentimental, easily swayed, fanatical mob with no interest or need of long term solutions to any of our problems?

Why do you think the concept of these “Apartment complexes” is so popular in India?? With their own security guards, and their own little pools, and gardens for the children, and gyms for the women? Why, why, why? It’s because, instinctively, everyone knows, everyone is aware that India is in a state of acute lawlessness. Your only hope is private defense. Our only defense is to hole ourselves up in forts and behind barricades to protect ourselves, never once insisting that the State to whom we gave that responsibility live up to it. Never once even bothering to engage in any sort of intelligent debate, because “how does it matter?”, right?

Well, it *does* matter. It matters because unless this country, or any country for that matter, has a responsive, educated and aware civil society, the atrocities will continue.

And we shall have nothing to blame but our own apathy.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?