The End

Sorrow, like an albatross
hangs about my throat
Watching with possessive eyes
as on my own words, I choke.

I have always said I craved to be
at the least, more than free
But freedom is its strongest chain
So much larger than me

Yes, we do what we must
that alone is true
And you don’t love me
But I’ll always love you.

So, I hold you no ill will
No wishes of regret
Just promise me one thing,
that you will never forget..

Songs of light, chains of gold
And flowers of twisted steel
A seashore that weeps and weeps
And things that time can never heal

I know, you did what you had to
so that you could be free
Now, darling, be reasonable
And expect no lesser from me

I have loved you for ages
And never thought I’d find thee
here of all places,
quietly waiting for me

So forgive me for not taking the hint
Forgive me for being unable to flee
Forgive me for bothering you with the truth
But I cannot go, and I will not leave

And as the sun rises on my setting heart
I know this burden is mine alone to bear
How long, how long, will I slide?
I do not know, and you cannot care

Dreaming of the Past

One night, I dreamed a dream of paradise
and now there is nothing I can do to forget
I wake in the guilt of sins that are not mine
unreleased from this adopted regret

And even my oldest comrade now lies blue
In this world of sleeplessness’ solitude
So cold in the sky, so distant and cruel
But, always, mine, and forever, true

Like the color of someone’s eyes
when he turned to look into mine
on a moonlit winter evening
lost, now, in space and time

Let me in, I whisper quietly
But there’s no one left to hear my plea
The cold chased away all those memories
Like goldfishes swimming off to sea..

The Sea

When we all set out to sea
we had no idea how things could be
We can have ideas and make estimations
hire the best weathermen
to make the most accurate calculations
But, in the end, it isn’t you and me
it’s between you and the sea,
it’s the sea and me.

And things have been bad,
but they could be worse.
Things are often good,
But we could be cursed.
Ships are safe in harbor
but that’s not what ships are for
Life’s an endless sea
And it neither hates, nor adores.
But it’ll take you up before it crashes you down
Hold on to the wreckage, and you may not drown.

When I first set out to sea
All I ever had was me.
And for better or worse,
what I came to find was
that’s not how it has to be.
And for every misadventure,
a glorious sunset waits to be seen
And for the people you are yet to be
There’s all the people that you’ve been.

Yes, the sea has not the kindest tone,
but it takes care of its own.
The sea is full of you and me,
but it keeps us all alone.
Yet, in the light of the shining moon,
it carries your words to me
Pray tell what step of mine I should watch,
Love, when I’m drowning out here at sea?

Semper Fidelis

Sing me a song,
any song,
Love, sing me a song tonight
Of courage,
and honesty,
and of fighting, the good fight.
Sing for me,
like you used to sing
Sing like all was right
Sing me a song
Of loyalty
Love, sing me a song, tonight

But you won’t sing
No, you don’t
You won’t even say a word
Not to me,
not to the dog,
and not even the baby bird.
For we have failed,
and you have won
and we do not deserve your song
Take away
each hard earned smile,
For all that was ever done wrong.

And I will go
I will follow
your last song to the furthest sea
For, if you don’t sing
Not even a word
There’s nothing left here for me.
All the king’s horses,
and all the king’s men,
cannot convince me to stay
I need your song
to keep me here
And it, I shall follow away.