Spellbound: A Tale of Wind and Fire

Freedom is exhausting

sighed the flame to the warm winter breeze

Please, scoffed the wispy wind

Like you know what it’s like to be free!

Of course I do, said the incensed flame

Boy, you don’t have a clue

and in a puff of indignation

Once shimmered, then withdrew.

It’s not that I don’t trust you,

said the Wind after a long pause

It’s just that you’re my sister,

and you tend to love things with claws

So what if I do, snarled the flame

accidentally setting things on fire

I thought freedom was all about

doing whatever your heart desires!

Stop that, said the wind, alarmed,

puffing after scattered embers

Burn the whole place down if you like

but even the Earth remembers!

You say now that you like it here,

but don’t notice your voice is fading

and every vow there was ever to keep

you’ve already thought of betraying!

So, tell me that you need to stay

and I won’t force you to leave..

but don’t tell me it makes you glad

It’s too much for me to believe!

The flame sputtered, then began to fade

as the wind floated on gently down

I didn’t mean to make you sad

I’m just tired of watching you drown.


Don’t you see how deep I’ve fallen

quietly said the spirit of fire

and all I can do is burn and burn

to the end of my heart’s desire

There’s always a way, said the windy faye

if you’d just stop burning to see

The World is wide, and we are young

And you were born to burn free!

But then something dark and twisted

crawled slowly within the hill,

the fiery faye crouched to the ground

and bade the wind to be still

I need some time, fiercely hissed the flame

This is just something I must do

There are things that need to be sorted out

And secrets I cannot even tell you

Abandon your quest, sister dear

vehemently whispered the wiser wind

As the flame circled the darkness below

and then looked up one last time to grin

No! cried out the willful wind

as the night came between the friends

And the flame’s parting words

echoed like some lost sentence

The lies are lies, and the truth is truth

Sister, there is no choice to make

I willingly gave all that I did

and what’s left is mine to take

And the wind, she howled, in a voice so fine

that even the Earth did shake

for what’s born of fire cannot be undone

but even the strongest spell can break.

Damage Control

“It’s not what you think”, he said, taking one long drag from his cigarette before flicking it away.

“What is it, then?”, I asked absently.

“Damage control”, he said, as I watched the glowing embers of the discarded cigarette fade away slowly. “That’s all any of this is.”

I thought of the last set of lost boys, and the cruel trap fate had laid out for them. I thought of the past, and the darkest things that were now forever a part of me. I thought of all that had happened in just one single year.

“I understand”, I said, lighting another cigarette.

I knew a little about damage control myself.

The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place: Customary Holiday Post

Every customary holiday post needs a review of the trimester. However, the last three months of my life have been extremely strange, even more so than usual, and when I try to look back at them, there’s just this cold gust of wind that flows through me in a way that should hurt.. Instead I find its coolness is only refreshing.

I used to think many things. I was convinced of many things. I’ve seen these three months destroy so many of my convictions, and I’m too shaken up right now to form any new ones.

I used to have a room-mate who would travel to the ends of the World for me, and a relationship that gave me the sort of rare liberty that only security brings.. Now, I find myself with a crew full of human friends, with their own flaws and weaknesses and fears and songs. And, I love them all. This trimester has seen us Protesting and Partying from the first moment to the last. Protesting against all that is unfair, and celebrating everything in life that is still worth celebrating. [Literally so, as the first thing we all did together was protest the unfair conditions for women, followed by an evening at the new pub in town, and the last thing we did together was break a rule so that we could all drink together through the night].

I made some new friends too. And, began reading philosophy. Discovered some new places, revisited some old ones. Fell in love with Vivaldi’s Winter, and had the sort of Strawberry Fields that I should have been proud of, were I not only half there.. I’ve been half everywhere for a while now… Except for the night before the last. Then again, breaking the Rules always did help me feel alive faster than most other things could ever manage. And that’s always the kind of rebellion I enjoy the most; the kind that’s so fun, you want to yell out your adventures to the moon.

But, that was only the ending. For the rest of the time, I remember reading A Game of Thrones, and learning how to play the guitar, and attending a GBM drunk, but determined. I remember being part of a football team that was always top of the table, and a barbecue Christmas night. Orcs must die, and conversations that have been pending for years, and a life-altering moment that I have no recollection of whatsoever, with someone that I don’t know at all. I remember walking across miles and miles, alone in the rain, in a red coat. And, there were parties in rooms, on different terraces, in old and new places, with old and new faces. I attended wild quad parties, tried to launch a revolution, had my feet slip out under me only to fly into the air and have my head hit the ground so hard, I was sure I was lying in a pool of my own blood.

I did all the new things that have always been missing in my life; I missed a flight, broke up a fight involving a blind-side punch to the face and a broken nose, had time to chill at SF, won a football tournament (yay!), got over my longest relationship (finally) and started listening to the kind of music that my dog and I can trip out on together. (I think she likes Beethoven best.)

I went to college in October, certain to be miserable and coming up with all sorts of plans to keep my mind busy; Instead, for the next three months, I found myself in the middle of almost the most fun that I have ever had. I’d forgotten how terrifying and yummy freedom was. I’d forgotten how hard it was to feel alive entirely on your own, and how much more worth it. I’d forgotten how many hours there really were in a day, and how much of my brain, and how many corresponding cells, were caught up in solving stupid pointless problems rather than thinking about any sort of development or dealing with any real issues. Most importantly, these past three months reminded me what it could really be to be me.

And, I absolutely loved it.


These are the guys who made my trimester beautiful:

Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche, Vivaldi, Chopin, Beethoven, John Snow, the Targaryens, Walzer, Pink Floyd, Lounge Piranha, Puppies, sharp seniors, spirited juniors, dedicated professors and the kind of friends who you would fight all of hell to save.


Facebook Debate: What do Rapists deserve?

India Plans to Shame Rapists, Even as Its Cops Shame Rape Victims to Suicide

S: Bastards should be strung up and hung on the streets so every one can see.

M: Sigh. Fortunately or unfortunately, we must advance and not regress, even when it comes to punishment… Still, sometimes I wonder. Anyway, you can’t hang mentalities. Especially not nation-wide mentalities..

S:  I think it will be progress if we can reduce the number of rapes…. ergo…castration and public lynching

M: *grins* Then, I guess rapists should be glad you’re not standing for office. …But, seriously, the way to reduce these crimes is not through fear; that’ll only make misogyny levels rise. What we need is education at a primary level that imparts more moral and sexual education than “boys and girls should not sit together” in class.

S: thats cool and all but as long as these assholes get away with light sentences there is no hope, imagine one of those delhi fuckers is gonna be out of jail in less than a year just cause he is a couple of months shy of his 18th birthday. and yes i wish i could get elected to some sort of office where i get to lay some HOSTEL type torture on them rapists

M: The law is (supposed to be) the codification of the most logical and rational principles of human behavior; It cannot successfully fix problems that arise at a societal level, but only rein them in while society does the rest. We are society. If India doesn’t come up with a solution, and fast, it’s only a matter of time before Vigilante justice takes over.. And, as bad as that might be, can you blame me if I think it might actually do some good? We have an unarmed citizenry constantly brutalized by armed criminal miscreants and apathetic State machinery. At least the Vigilantes will be of the people, by the people, for the people.

S: yuh The Revolution is coming !!!!! and screw our outdated legal system which was meant for a different time , which is the main reason why i didnt go ahead and practice

M: The Revolution is here!  (And, yes, the legal system is damn fucked up.. But, ignoring it isn’t going to make it any better! -_-)

S: and this is no democracy where the 5-0 (popo) is happily off committing rapes and our political figures are all criminals themselves making chauvinist remarks on national tV

M: Exactly why I said that it’s a deep rooted mentality that we’re dealing with rather than just a few anti-social elements! The rapists *are* the social elements of the day! And, the only thing that can fix that is education. For starters, I think we need to stop some corruption so that we can use that money to increase pay-scales of teachers and police officers. That’s the only way that these two forces will adequately represent the interests of all facets of society, and not just of the rich and powerful who can not only buy them, but sexually assault their daughters, and shoot them dead if they dare raise their own voices.

S: ONE DAY, ONE fucking DAY everyone will get whats coming to them

M: 😦 I hope so, S-san. I truly do…