The Last of the Anti-Orange Rant [Or why you will never convert me, Modi-ites!]

The problem is this, S. The reasons why we don’t support Modi have been listed out a hundred times above. As others have mentioned, your scary blind devotion to the man is disappointing and frightening.  What we will get into is this: A lot of Muslims were horribly tortured, and died, under his reign. When you […]

On Arresting those Elements of Society that Instigate the Masses on Communal or Regional Grounds

Perhaps.. but this vigilance must be balanced against the very important freedom of speech and expression. The fact that people will make hateful and instigating speeches is not as much a disadvantage as one might believe. It is these people, with these words that are echoing what people comfortably speak within their homes. By reacting strongly to them, as free and aware citizens of the State, we send out a message to every single person who thinks that way. When we discuss why what they’re saying is wrong, we give everyone an opportunity to know why we think so.

It’s the same thing with Honey Singh. These people are just reflecting our society. Arresting them is not the answer. Constant dialogue against what they’re saying, filling the air with awareness, changing the mindsets of those people who are not completely convinced by these guys, and strongly condemning their words as a citizenry, *that* is the correct way to move forward.

It’s a sad state of affairs that such ranting can inspire such fanaticism in our country. That is what we must aim to change, so that tomorrow if such elements stand up and begin to talk crap like this, the people listening should equally condemn him. Or even better, ignore him completely. That is the only incentive for communal politics to stop in India.

Facebook Debate: What do Rapists deserve?

India Plans to Shame Rapists, Even as Its Cops Shame Rape Victims to Suicide

S: Bastards should be strung up and hung on the streets so every one can see.

M: Sigh. Fortunately or unfortunately, we must advance and not regress, even when it comes to punishment… Still, sometimes I wonder. Anyway, you can’t hang mentalities. Especially not nation-wide mentalities..

S:  I think it will be progress if we can reduce the number of rapes…. ergo…castration and public lynching

M: *grins* Then, I guess rapists should be glad you’re not standing for office. …But, seriously, the way to reduce these crimes is not through fear; that’ll only make misogyny levels rise. What we need is education at a primary level that imparts more moral and sexual education than “boys and girls should not sit together” in class.

S: thats cool and all but as long as these assholes get away with light sentences there is no hope, imagine one of those delhi fuckers is gonna be out of jail in less than a year just cause he is a couple of months shy of his 18th birthday. and yes i wish i could get elected to some sort of office where i get to lay some HOSTEL type torture on them rapists

M: The law is (supposed to be) the codification of the most logical and rational principles of human behavior; It cannot successfully fix problems that arise at a societal level, but only rein them in while society does the rest. We are society. If India doesn’t come up with a solution, and fast, it’s only a matter of time before Vigilante justice takes over.. And, as bad as that might be, can you blame me if I think it might actually do some good? We have an unarmed citizenry constantly brutalized by armed criminal miscreants and apathetic State machinery. At least the Vigilantes will be of the people, by the people, for the people.

S: yuh The Revolution is coming !!!!! and screw our outdated legal system which was meant for a different time , which is the main reason why i didnt go ahead and practice

M: The Revolution is here!  (And, yes, the legal system is damn fucked up.. But, ignoring it isn’t going to make it any better! -_-)

S: and this is no democracy where the 5-0 (popo) is happily off committing rapes and our political figures are all criminals themselves making chauvinist remarks on national tV

M: Exactly why I said that it’s a deep rooted mentality that we’re dealing with rather than just a few anti-social elements! The rapists *are* the social elements of the day! And, the only thing that can fix that is education. For starters, I think we need to stop some corruption so that we can use that money to increase pay-scales of teachers and police officers. That’s the only way that these two forces will adequately represent the interests of all facets of society, and not just of the rich and powerful who can not only buy them, but sexually assault their daughters, and shoot them dead if they dare raise their own voices.

S: ONE DAY, ONE fucking DAY everyone will get whats coming to them

M: 😦 I hope so, S-san. I truly do…

Is the Pen always mightier than the Sword?

Lady S: What is mightier? The pen or the sword?

Sir M: Depends on the wielder, I would say. For instance, if it were you, I would be wary even if –

Lady S: That’s not what I mean, and you know it! Don’t jest, Ser! Tell me this very instance-

Sir M: Alright, alright.

Lady S: With the sword, it is actions and deeds that one is committing. However, the area of effect is limited. On the other hand, while a pen cannot fight by itself, it can be used to move a million swords in a million hands. One cannot be everywhere. But, if our cries are not echoed loud enough, is the sound still mightier than the blow?

Sir M: What would you have me say, Lady S? It seems as though your mind is made up.

Lady S: My mind is not made up! If it were so, I would know what to do, would I not?

Sir M: Take up the sword then, my Lady.

Lady S: …

Sir M: That is what you want to hear.

Lady S: What do you have to say, honestly?

Sir M: I stand by what I first said, my Lady. It all depends on the wielder. A pen is no use in the hands of an illiterate peasant, and what would a writer make of a sword? Everything has to be where it is.

Lady S: Well said, Ser. Well said.

Friends, Indians, Countrymen

Neither the government, nor the police, nor any other paid force is ever going to wake up and go “aww, lets protect our citizens better”. It’s like this, 

Example 1: This guy comes to you and gives you thousands of dollars. Says that he gambles, but doesn’t trust himself to not lose the money or get robbed, so he just wants to stash it in one of your unused cupboards. You say okay, and everything is fine at first, until you notice that he never really bothers counting the money, and is forever throwing in bundles, and pulling them out. How tempted will you be to take that money? Now, suppose there are three of you in that house. If one guy says “Fuck it, man. He’s never gonna notice, lemme take some.”, how long will it be before the others follow suit?

Example 2: You’ve employed a lady to cook your food and clean your kitchen. At first, she’s amazingly efficient, and tidy. The food tastes great, and the kitchen is all sparkly. But, suppose you never ask her to do anything, never insist that she dust something or cleans something else, are you really going to be surprised when it all comes to a bare essentials kind of set-up?

What I’m trying to say is, don’t you think it’s kinda crazy to hand over all those individual rights and liberties (which we do, by the way, in exchange for certain securities while being citizens of the State) to an unrelated, external oligarchic system, and just expect them to always do what’s best for us? Even if we’ve shown ourselves to be a sentimental, easily swayed, fanatical mob with no interest or need of long term solutions to any of our problems?

Why do you think the concept of these “Apartment complexes” is so popular in India?? With their own security guards, and their own little pools, and gardens for the children, and gyms for the women? Why, why, why? It’s because, instinctively, everyone knows, everyone is aware that India is in a state of acute lawlessness. Your only hope is private defense. Our only defense is to hole ourselves up in forts and behind barricades to protect ourselves, never once insisting that the State to whom we gave that responsibility live up to it. Never once even bothering to engage in any sort of intelligent debate, because “how does it matter?”, right?

Well, it *does* matter. It matters because unless this country, or any country for that matter, has a responsive, educated and aware civil society, the atrocities will continue.

And we shall have nothing to blame but our own apathy.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?