Nothing is True

Nothing is True because nothing is known; or at least nothing is known in its entirety. It is important at this point to keep in mind that the statement is intended to be a mere observation of the world rather than any sort of doctrine.

In Ancient Greece, the scholars of the time of Aristotle believed that Stones fell to the Earth because of some sort of “Love” that they felt towards the ground. Today, we know of gravity, but do we know why it exists? Or how it’s possible for a force of attraction to be stronger and stronger the further away two objects are from one another? (And, the love that the Greeks spoke of, it can also be translated as a sort of “attraction” between the falling stone and the ground. Is that not what gravity really is?)

Likewise, we know that millions of birds and animals migrate thousands of miles every year, but we still don’t know how they know their path? or how the Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica came into existence, or what the hell was up with the Tunguska event, and a million other things. Yes, we know a lot more than we did in the past, and we will know a lot more in the future, but will human beings ever know everything? Perhaps, perhaps not. But, as of now, we do not.

Hence, one cannot make an absolute statement today with any sort of absolute conviction in its truth, because, *Nothing* is true. We know nothing for certain. The Church, the State, these are only institutions that we, as humans, have created for ourselves. “To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.”

The only voice that you should listen to is the one inside you that can tell right from wrong. Make your own path, because it is just as true as every other path anyone might direct you towards. Surely,it is even more so. If every human governed themselves, we wouldn’t be so dependent on all these oppressive institutions that our own immorality has caused us to fearfully establish. We’ve been fueling them with terror and our disgraceful behavior. And States can’t save the millions of people starving of hunger, only other people can. God is not going to stop any War. People have to.

Nothing is True, because something must be, and we have not found it yet.

And, in order to find the truth, One has to proceed on the assumption that nothing one encounters is likely to be the truth. In fact, one should be certain of this. With such an approach, the entire onus of proving itself to be true belongs to the alleged truth itself. In a way, the rationale is quite similar to the Buddhist philosophy of questioning Everything one comes across; It is only thus that we can discover the true nature of anything, including the Truth of Truth itself.