Advocatus Diaboli


I advocate
for the Devil

and believe
that God is dead,

Jesus Christ, I’m
surely going

to burn in
eternal Hell

Unless the Buddha
can save me

with some

But, is there
really a soul?

Tell me, who
can really tell?


To Kanzeon Bosatsu, The Merciful Goddess

Dear Goddess of Mercy,

Tell me, what it is that I have done wrong.
Before you punish me, at least name my crime
And, if you wish it remain unrevealed
at least assure me, it will make sense in time

For I have been cut, yet I will not bleed
You who know me so well, know how I shall be
and of everyone from the same scriptural creed
Oh, Goddess of Mercy, why pick me?

I have been here before, I’ve walked these halls
Goddess, dear Goddess, I’ve done my time
And it hasn’t been long since I learned to fall
I did as you asked, so, now, what is my crime?

Goddess of Mercy, Gentle and kind
Must you laugh as I struggle to breathe?
Must you set me ablaze to teach me to shine?
And must I not cry, only to relearn to bleed?