Exercendo Latina: Introductis Sparky et latina

Ego sum Jade. Ego canem habet. Canis est Sparky. Sparky est valde pulchra. Ego Sparkem amare.

Sed Sparky est nunc antiquis. Ipsa est X annos. Tamen ipsa est adhuc valde pulchra. Et ego adhuc adorent eius. quia, illa est lux de meus vita. et absques ipsa ego sum nihil.

ego sum eruditio latina. me beatum facit. Sparky quoque facit me beatum. Hodie ego sum omnes ego sum quia de mea canis.  et mea educationae.

quia mea canis docuit mea diligem. Et mea educationae docuit mea amare discat.



I am Jade. I have a dog. The dog is Sparky. Sparky is very beautiful. I love Sparks.

But Sparky is old now. She is 10 years old. However, she is still very beautiful. And I still adore her. Because, she is the light of my life. And without her, I am nothing.

I am learning Latin. It makes me happy. Sparky also makes me happy. Today, I am all that I am because of my dog. And my education.

Because my dog taught me to love. And my education taught me to love learning.


Retranslated to Latin:

Ego sum Jade. Ego canem habet. Canis est Sparky. Sparky est valde pulchra. Ego Sparkem amarent.

Sed Sparkem est nunc antiquis. Illa est X annos. Tamen, illa est adhuc valde pulchra. Et ego eius adhuc adorent. Quia, illa est lux de mea vita. Et sine sua, ego sum nihil.

Ego sum eruditio Latina. Ipsum ego facit beatum. Sparky quoque facit ego beautum. Hodie, ego sum omnis illa ego sum quia de mea canis. Et mea educationae.

Quia, mea canis docens mea amares. Et mea educationae docens mea amare eruditie.

The Last Letter

I stand here to present

an arrogant appeal to your better senses

This is no argument

but a humble plea to lower your pretenses


For you were there when the moon fell

Don’t you remember, you were there?

You pulled me out of my reverie

And out of the way of the poisoned air


And you know what I am destined for

Surely, you know what I am meant to do

Is not that why you saved my life?

Back when we were young, and whole, and true?


But that my worth would come to so little,

If I had only had but a clue

Remember, my erstwhile lover

I would have never chosen you


Ah, well, what’s done is done

And what must happen, happens

I’m not afraid of your thunder and lightning

for I have fought with dragons


I gave you, once, a prophecy

A warning borne out of nothing but love

You underestimate your enemies

And one day, that will fuck you up


But, I am not your enemy, my dear

Oh, no, though one day I know I must be

I hope your freedom and space, my dear

Are worth having forsaken me.


Though, in this depth, I feel strangely free

And for that, once again, I owe you my sanity

The first for pulling me out of the sea

the second, for holding me down and drowning me


Take note, my erstwhile lover

Things are not always as they seem

The age of nightmares is just beginning

And all life is only a dream.


Your heart is still as stone, my love

(Or at least, it so truly wants to be)

Yes, I have known that long enough,

Pardon my insolent iniquity?

Still and sharp as the rock beneath,

Cutting all those who mistread, my love

Yet in all its obsidian sharpness,

I thought it a diamond in the rough

My diamond in the rough, my love

Yet it’s my veins you choose to mark?

Once with nectar, now with poison,

Anyone ever mention how you shine brighter in the dark?

But, I fear not, my fellow mortal,

trapped in this sea of mediocrity

For I have seen the morbid future

and by killing me, you have set me free

And when I have drawn my last breath, as decreed by fate

your soul shall harken unto me

But it shall be far, far, too late

And I will not even haunt thee.

For the die is cast, words of the spell spoken

There remains only the way to be free

A heart, finally, still as stone, my love

And it pardons your insolent iniquity.

Mute Genie

At this place in time and space,
where I need my words to stand by me
I find them fleeing in your shadow’s trail
to a phantom wake in the memory of thee

And I have no desire, nay, I shall not follow
I have nothing to say, goodbye’s long done
I followed you home in the midst of a storm
And I see that I have overstayed my welcome

Now, let me clarify, lest you regress
to pointing out my mountain of iniquities
I hold not that, nor else, against you
And I wish thee only happiness and peace

For, i should have seen this miles away
and I’d be lying if I said there were no signs
Alas I was caught in a vain struggle
fighting for what I believed was mine.

But lately, I’ve been beginning to learn
that perhaps it is better off in your hands
even if you get careless and break it,
Isn’t your wish, anyway, my command?