Of Compasses, Hearts and Puppies

If words were wishes
and wishes came true
I’d wish time stopped forever
Just so I could be with you.
And to think of how far I have run,
to think of how long I was gone,
I’d trade it all away
just to forever listen to your song.
But yesterday remains as it was,
even if the colors in our memories change
and I will always love you
How much, words can not explain.
Forgive me my absence,
my sharp words and my haste
Forgive me my selfishness
in forgetting the joy upon your face.
Let my arm sleep forever,
under your pretty little head
Let all my movements be tethered
Anything to keep you in my bed.
Just don’t leave me, baby
I wouldn’t know what to do
Please don’t leave me, baby
I’d be lost without you..


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