Watching My Step

What is given freely must be valued most;
Everything else nears worthlessness,
no matter how necessary or satisfying.
the rest is just countertransference.

And if you feel this is not the case,
perhaps it’s time to determine
the intentions behind your own actions.
Perhaps you, too, are overburdened

Are you guilty of pretty lies?
That you dress up in dreams and desire
Perhaps, your soul is dark, and craven
Perhaps, my child, you still fear the fire

Do you hear these halting words of mine?
Well, their pauses are not meant for me
I am cursed to wander prisons of my own design
Plotting all-failing ways to be free

But, I know this now: I shall always lose
for my will only forges chains, no wings
And my spirit has been atrophying so long
I doubt she remembers how to sing

This ugly rhyme is testament
to the burden that I alone must bear
I used to be beautiful, golden
Now I am graying, and no longer care

Oh, but don’t put out this fire, fire
Let me burn now, until the ultimate end
There are a million manic moths out there
But only fire is the Devil’s truest friend.

Note: I hate this! Needs to be fixed..

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