10 Bizarre Reasons to get Married

10. If you die, you don’t want the cops to call your parents/sibling to identify your dead body.

9. You want to keep a dog at home, but need someone who’ll share the burden of the attention it’s going to demand.

8. You want to go to someplace extremely exotic for a holiday – err, I mean honeymoon.

7. Because it’s easier to cook for two than it is to cook for one.

6. To have someone to help finish the chips packet with. Every time.

5. So that it doesn’t feel like you’re going through the awesomest/worst time of your life without a participating audience.

4. To be able to cuddle with a warm breathing person instead of a pillow every night. Or a dog. Or cat.

3. To finally explain to someone why you don’t like orange lights without worrying about how much they’d laugh at you. And dolls. And bees. And bullies.

2. To have someone to clutch at when you randomly wake up from psychotic nightmares.

1. Because every game is more fun in two-player mode.


4 thoughts on “10 Bizarre Reasons to get Married

  1. neil says:

    lol.. since you have found 10 reasons already .. when’s the date mate ?

    • lol. Don’t scare. This list is actually a reaction to the sudden marrying all of my friends seem to be planning for a million different serious-type reasons. While talking to a close friend, I happened to mention a couple of these reasons, and she said they were really bizarre.. and so I decided to make a list. In fact, I thought it would take me much longer than it did. Another frightening thought, damn it!

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