The Last of the Anti-Orange Rant [Or why you will never convert me, Modi-ites!]

The problem is this, S. The reasons why we don’t support Modi have been listed out a hundred times above. As others have mentioned, your scary blind devotion to the man is disappointing and frightening. 

What we will get into is this: A lot of Muslims were horribly tortured, and died, under his reign. When you vote someone like that into power, you are giving the wrong message to the minorities. That even if you are raped and murdered, no one shall care. It isn’t about how guilty Modi was; it’s about how enabled you make his fanatics feel.

>> When Modi came to colleges in Delhi, do you know about the saffron brigade that followed him everywhere? Do you know they told women protesters to “watch it” or “what happened to the (Muslim) women of Gujarat would happen” to them? Open threats of rape and carnage, that’s what his followers gleefully participated in. People we know were present at these talks. Are you saying that the Orange brigade following him was actually the congress? Or, are you saying that as Minister, Modi is not responsible for what his underling/fan-following does?

Ah, but he so IS, S. Or at least, he should be. Especially when you intend to become the Prime Minister. It’s important to be able to pick up a mic and say, “please don’t threaten/kill/rape/murder each other, because we are all Indians” – something he did *not* do in 2002, and something he does not do today.

Yes, Modi is lovely when you are on his side. And, as a Hindu girl, it might seem at the outset that you have nothing to worry about. But, some of us here are very uncomfortable about making a decision based on our religion (hence you have earned the title Hindu Nazi), inherently knowing that if we belonged to any other community, i.e. if we were part of the minority, even thinking of a man like Modi at the helm would give us nightmares. And, people *will* call you a Hindu Nazi, because you believe that “riots toh hoti rehti hain”, not realizing that talk like that actually really hurts the minority communities that have suffered greatly not just in 2002, but also in the aftermath.

Also, three-four things that you seem to have somehow missed

1. The statistic of 31% Gujarati Muslim vote is an estimate at best, because voting is done by Secret Ballot. You think a Muslim leader is going to tell the men of the man who killed half his entire village that his people didn’t vote for him? Please think logically.

2. All the “Gujarat is awesome” stories are put out there by APCO, a PR firm hired by Modi that is being paid to rebrand Gujarat as well as Modi. If you want unbiased statistics, no one is asking you to go by the supposedly biased reports of the Congress; read the reports of dozens of national and international HR agencies, which all clearly show how capable of lying Modi’s govt. really is.

3. It is easy for you to sit in your room and scream that Ishrat was a terrorist. It doesn’t matter to you that she was given no fair trial, despite evidence clearly showing that she was picked up 4 days before the shooting. They picked up a nineteen year old girl, S. Kept her prisoner for four days, and then shot her dead. Tell her mother to move on. It’s easy enough for you. I’m sure you’ll be cool when your maid dies too.

4. Yes, the Muslims have moved on from 2002, and you know what? I think that’s to India’s shame. We should hang our heads in shame that *our* people have to bow down their heads, and accept that a number of them can be brutalized and killed, but nothing can be done about it.

5. Please read about a few problems of the integration of Muslims into mainstream society. How impossible it is for them to find jobs, rental accommodations, etc. This is what keeps them poor. Poverty is what keeps them susceptible to fanaticism.

If after all of this, you still think Shri Modi is going to take our country in any direction but towards hell, I pity you. However, if your idea of development is limited to a Hindu regime, then, yes, maybe it’ll be good for the Hindus. It always is to not have to be responsible for your own actions.

^ And this is where your age comes in, because you are too young right now to know what it means to accept the consequences of one’s acts. It’s still all a game to you,, with you on team Modi, and we on team not-Modi.


The only team you’re on, my friend, is the Hindutva team of death.

But, enjoy it. Just, please, learn to form your own opinions. Don’t repeat endlessly what paid media is being paid to tell you. That way, when your Muslim friend who is always there disappears, and is framed for being a terrorist simply because they want to ante up the popularity of their government, at least you’ll know that he died not because you were too stupid to think things through, but because you couldn’t give less of a fuck.

Actually, I don’t know which scenario is better. hmm.


“But, just like everyone thinks if Afzal Guru is a terrorist then all muslims are, same way for you assuming that I am a Hindu Nazi or Hindutva or I am in the team of HIndutva team of death is a stereotype and is not correct. It is wrong on your side to assume that. It just shows how narrow your mind is. Cause if you really believe in Secularism why make me a Hindu Nazi or Hindutva. And I think rather than blaming Modi or saying I am like that, I think you should rather blame the patriarchal mindset for it.”

But, but, but, if you follow Hitler, you’re going to automatically be Nazi. You can’t say you followed Hitler because of his good economic policies! I mean, you can, but you can’t ignore the shit he does by burying your head in the sand.

ALSO, I am not stereotyping you as Hindutva simply because you support Modi. It is your *blind* devotion to him, in light of concrete evidence of his callousness towards the Muslims that has earned you that right.

Also, conveniently you skip through what his supporters did at that college. It’s not enough for me when you say that, “Oh, don’t worry, when Modi is in power, not all his supporters are going to be Hindutva-potential-rapists — just some.”

Also, woah woah woah, bro. I am not making you a Hindu Nazi. I am calling you out on what I see. If you really can’t stand it, try and read up on Hitler to see why people are comparing Modi to him.

[P.S. But, for the sake of debate, good comeback, S. Points for not mentioning the Congress, or using bitmapped images. Maybe one day, when you’re a lot older, and have seen some of the things that go one in this country, well, I’ve always been foolish like that, but I think you would understand us. Good luck with everything. I’m done with this futile verbal war.]


Oh no, I can’t start all over again with why the Congress, nor media, has nothing to do with this. D:

*runs away into Orange-less land*

Also, younger F, you can’t be an anti-Modi supporter. That’s totally paradoxical. 

I hate the values Modi stands for. I hate how intolerant and opposed to fundamental freedoms he is. [Evidence: All the art galleries and literary events he has heavy-handed in Gujarat]. I hate how the people he alleviated to the highest posts are now all being convicted as leaders of those riots. I hate how his administration has not even tried to tackle serious issues like Manual Scavenging even in the prosperous city of Ahmedabad, and instead only encouraged the practice (after all, doesn’t Hinduism say someone’s gotta clean up the upper classes shite?). And I absolutely loathe how he seems to propagate this aura about himself as being some holy warrior of Hinduism, come to cleanse our land from all these evil non-Hindu elements, even if it isn’t true. He lets people believe it, because it will get him votes, and this is the sort of attitude that led to people in his State feeling safe enough to commit the horrific crimes they did.

I am a hardcore supporter of the truth, and I DETEST organized religion for all the filth it breeds. So, I find it very amusing when people who support the BJP or the RSS come up and accuse people of being swayed by the media, when the Media has long been bought out by Modi and his like politicians (like ToI is for Congress, but who even reads ToI, ri- 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. You guys read ToI. That’s why you think all of Media is ant-Modi. haha. No, no. Rest assured, it’s only the Times of India that is so unabashedly Congressian. Your Precious Shri Modi is in safe hands.)

Anyhow, the point is there are news sources you can rely on. Eyewitnesses reports and documentaries, both of the riots, as well as recorded stuff that Mod has said. These are as primary and unbiased as sources get, and they ARE available.

If you choose to ignore them, then you don’t have the right to accuse other people of being swayed by the media. Because that is exactly what has happened to you.

– ETC.

Sorry about the Capslock, but this is the 14th time I am telling you the same thing.


5 thoughts on “The Last of the Anti-Orange Rant [Or why you will never convert me, Modi-ites!]

  1. Princess S. says:

    I’ve heard of APCO, and I’ve heard the same “pro-development” friends express great admiration for the job his PR is doing for him.

    But the fact remains that this pro development lot simply do not care about human rights, or having a mass murder as leader of our nation. They don’t care about Hindutva either. They think that Modi is a good idea because he’s going to usher India into the golden era of good roads and plenty of drinking water and electricity to go around.

    And unless the fact that the whole development idea can be proved to be hogwash, there’s just no shutting them up. And it’s not just a person or two. It’s many students in various branches of education who think that. People who’d vote if they wanted to – and they’d vote for Modi.

    And for some reason, “clean chit” seems to be just enough for them to go along with Modi. (Just Modi, mind you. Not Hindutva, or BJP, or India is for Hindus or whatever they’ll come up with next.)

    • The next level, eh? Well.. to be honest, I have no idea what one can say to them. The problem is that people belonging to a majority community (read: Hindus) are more likely to allow for State brutality ‘at the fringes’, simply because they believe that they will never be at the receiving end of the same..

      In fact, i read this amazing article a couple of days ago, describing how Modi isn’t even trying to live down his 2002 stint, instead actually trying to live up to it. It also spoke about why the average Indian not voting for Modi is worried about the 2014 elections. In fact, that is an amazing article. Am going to send you the link, princess.

      Do check it out. Is called ‘Death and Development”, aptly.

      “There’s only one way to read this: in his appointment of Amit Shah as the chief of the BJP’s UP operation and in Shah’s subsequent reiteration of the sangh parivar position on the Ram temple, Modi is announcing, as if on a megaphone, that good governance and Hindutvavadi nationalism are joined at the hip, that the former grows out of the latter. On cue Amit Shah followed up his Ram Mandir declaration by saying he had also prayed to god to uproot Congress misrule and replace it with ‘good governance’.”

  2. Bhavya says:

    WHERE is this going on?

  3. Misaal Shah says:

    Usually having an intelligent conversation about religion and politics is unique. Almost everyone seems to have an opinion about it. And, it’s almost always the most ignorant of views that are taken at face-value.

    I’m still going to take some time off and write about this, because I see some energy here and I think its not being utilized effectively.
    You writings have strong inclination of being against status-quo.
    Anger is good, Direction is Key.

    Sometimes when we tend to align our idealogies simply because we disagree with the prevailing trend. That is counter-productive.
    You are free of-course to disagree, ignore or mock them.

    1. Power lies in Perception for people.

    2. Power will gravitate to the capable for commerce.

    3. Power is never given, it’s always taken. It’s never pretty.

    4. Don’t assign much credence to someone you disapprove of. More so, for such a polarizing figure. They more you align yourself against someone the stronger the resolve becomes on the other side.
    For every ignorant supporter there is an ignorant nay-sayer.
    There is too much noise on this subject. And higher the decibel, higher does the subjects chances to win.

    Does not mean, you should abandon your principles, nor does it mean you should be afraid to speak of.

    5. For all your insight about how there is propaganda being done by PR firms, and thereby increasing it’s value. Is it difficult to comprehend the staple diet that is being fed to the english medium of news and print in India. Is there no political slant visible?

    The need for the Internet Hindu arised when a political class, mind you the major opposition of the largest democracy felt that their views where not being addressed or they were usually doctored.

    It would be unwise to dismiss the wave of Modi-supporters.

    6. Nationalism movements rise because of economic turmoil. Read 1933. I tend to think, it tends to begin with commerce. Just like ’95 gave rise to the Hindutva movement. ’13/14 will likely do the same.

    7. If you are worried about the direction of the nation. Do grab a pen and piece of paper, and note down the list of policies which were implemented by the NDA regime and how many of them were cancelled or revoked by the UPA. Barring the Yashwant Sinha FM cockups you wont find many. Just like how it will be political suicide to discontinue the Food Security Bill. Will you like to be the govt which stops food for the poor? The incumbent will get credit for many years. Nation will suffer for many more. And people will get subsidized food being poor. A opposite of the Ambedkar plan which was meant to give subsidized education and medical treatments thereby empowering the youth as well.

    8. All those people supporting Modi are angry like you as well. Suppose you question will be does commerce (perception if you’d like to think so) allow a man to be acquitted for his sins.

    Message ?

    Sometimes, it’s hard to see the woods for the trees. Do you consider the entire state of gujarat being communal. For a tainted man to be re-elected twice ? Suppose, the natural argument would be the demographics would indicate a large portion of its people were protected under his governance (or lack of) and thus they choose to keep voting him back in power ?

    Are you the only person in India, that has a Conscience ? Don’t people in Gujarat have hearts? Don’t they feel shame? These are the very questions I too asked myself. And irrespective of my beliefs, the answer was given 3 times.

    I have come to believe, or maybe I have rationalized with myself. That most things are forgiven if certain demographics in a state do well. All the statistics you read are as likely to be doctored as they one’s you claim APCO does. What can’t be doctored is when you see monies coming into a state, which is not backed by the central govt of india.
    It’s ironical for me, that many countries will not allow a man to come into their country on huminatarian grounds, yet they do not disallow the companies of their respective companies to invest $100 Million.
    It’s not just them, it’s most indian business houses as well. Things happen fast here (maybe its a perception) and there is a stable regime which you are unlikely to find in any other state.

    I tend to not look at figures, I tend to ask. If I were to give you 100 Rs to invest in a state in India, which state would it be? Now, add many 0’s on that number and mutiply that to the $. A simple look at the capex of many business houses in India alone will tell you where they are betting on.


    Interesting POV about the recent elections in Gujarat. If you would notice the rural constituencies did not vote for the BJP.

    BJP managed to scamper through this time around on account of the Urban constituencies.

    Which should arise many questions. And if the opposition is smart they will exploit those.

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