Back on Campus: For All the Reasons in the World

I wanted to write a post on the Pros and Cons of Hostel life. Seems kinda silly now, considering I just left my hostel room for good yesterday! But, wrote this sometime in the first week of June, a couple of weeks after I moved back into my hostel from the apartment I’d been staying at for nearly a year, only to promptly lose all internet connectivity. -_- So, here goes nothing. To begin with, here’s a picture of my room:

The Wall

Actually, that’s more a picture of the far wall (from the beds) than it is a picture of my room. :\  I shall edit a few more pictures and put them up soon. 🙂 Well, not soon, coz I have a million thousand other far-more-important things to do right now. Anyhow! Moving on!


  1. No more gaming on Steam.
  2. The internet connection is damn treacherous
  3. Footsteps outside my door, and sudden knocking, do still startle me
  4. Nagarbhavi is too far. Mainly only a problem when it comes to cigarettes.


  1. The Ants are way below, on the ground where they belong!
  2. I can go to bed wearing whatever I want, and whatever I don’t want, without worrying that one of the boys will be decide to try and wake me up
  3. If someone is bothering me, all I need to do is cross the barbed wire, and can’t touch me! :p
  4. I can chill with Skyrim again
  5. Munchies and basic food available until Midnight! ‘nough said!
  6. I can wander the ground under open skies until 3 am, and on terraces whenever I want.
  7. Two almost personal terraces and so many others to share with friends
  8. The Coolest room on campus (a real boon during summer)
  9. All my posters! ❤

In short, I’m glad I moved back…

~ For all the reasons in the World ~


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