Introducing Puppy and Fox


Pictures of Puppy and Fox, two of my favorite dogs currently on campus.

Puppy_and_Fox(Nov 2011)

Look at them sunbathing! So Lazy! Puppy is the one on the upper step. She’s mostly like a spoilt princess on cocaine. Unlike the first time I saw her, drenched in the rain, and small and sickly and covered in fleas.

PuppywhenFound(July 2010)

For two weeks I had her drinking milk out of plastic cups, wearing a cut up green t-shirt as a jacket, huddled up against the small bakery at gate 2. And once she regained her strength, well, she’s never looked back.


Fox is kinda crazy too, but softer and kind of in love with Puppy. Well, they keep having this on off thing.

Puppy&Fox_sunbathing(Nov 2011)

Aren’t they adorable? ❤

I truly hope they aren’t two of the 10 dogs that tore apart a baby monkey and its mother behind the boy’s hostel this morning. 😦

The Word is truly going to hell. But is it really so surprising when we reward the greedy, and can protect none of the innocent?

I miss the puppies…


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