It Could Happen to Anyone

So, I logged in on Steam today, and was chatting with one of my friends, when I noticed that the font was all weird, large and bluey. I brought it up, but he claimed that everything appeared as always on his side. So, I scrolled down my friends list, looking for an observant boy, found one, and asked him whether it was just me. He confirmed the change in size, but could not help me with the blueness.

Then I realized both these boys were boys I had once dated. And, not just casual-over-the-holiday dating. I’m talking life’s two longest relationships.

And then they started playing DotA.


TIL that the world is small enough, and Life weird enough, without all the Gaming.. but not nearly half as much fun.

…oh! And that apparently I have a type. Which reminds me of an interesting conversation I had, coincidentally, with one of the abovementioned. The gist of it being that if I can figure out what Tony Stark (Iron Man), Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) and John Constantine (HellBlazer) have in common, I can figure out what my idea of an ideal man is!

Favorite Movie

1. Sarcasm

Since all three of them would definitely score a 10/10 on sarcasm, I think sarcasm must be on this list. :\ Though, to play Devil’s Advocate, it could just be the fact that witty people tend to rely more on sarcasm, and it isn’t the sarcasm I find attractive as much as it is the wit. It could be!

2. Arrogance

Jack’s constant taunting, Constantine’s attitude towards everything from hell to God,  and every fibre of Tony’s being all scream of a level of self confidence that would be aggravating on someone not half as attractive. On these three, of course, it is only hot as hell. sigh Anyway, this does not surprise me at all, considering I’ve known for a while that Arrogance is the path to my downfall, in more ways than one. The Anime boys taught me that. It’s too bad that people today don’t get the difference between being obnoxious and being arrogant. You gotta have something to back all that talk, gentlemen.

3. Courage

This is actually important, because all of them have the same kind of self deprecating outlook on their own courageousness. Almost as if they’re convinced that they’ll never be brave enough. Call me twisted, but I find that adorable. ❤

4. Reluctant Heroism/Sacrifice

This one is the curve-ball on this list. But, I just realized that this is the largest part of what they all have in common. ~~~SPOILERS~~~ Jack’s decision to let Will Turner become Immortal after he was fatally stabbed, Constantine’s willingness to sacrifice his life and spend eternity in hell to save Mankind from Lucifer’s son, Tony’s act of transporting a powerful bomb into outer-space at the risk of almost-certain death.


Oh, fack! I have a really messed up type!


Some Examples

+ Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl


+ Genjo Sanzo, Saiyuki

My First and Truest Love

+ Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop


+ Ban Mido, Get Backers


+ Dylan, Modern Family

Good guy Dylan

+ Dimitriv, Anastasia


+ Amon, Witch Hunter Robin

Brooding Amon


5 thoughts on “It Could Happen to Anyone

  1. Tatsat says:

    Not so much into anime/gaming. Did play CS exhaustively in the last semester at college but that was exactly 3 years back, and I was no good at that either 😉 But I can boast of the time I wasted on movies 🙂

    Interesting attempt to assemble man-of-your-dreams 🙂 A friend of mine who has been trying hard to get married, often tells me that there are no good guys left. And, that her dream man is just a figment of her imagination. But to be honest, I think every wish comes with a clause- are we willing to wait till nothing less than perfect comes along, or are we willing to compromise! Most of us tweak requirements, and get along. For them, perfection is just a made up word. For the rest, it is what gives meaning to their lives. Which type are you ?

    PS- Good luck 🙂

    • I’m not sure which type I am. But, when you speak of a willingness to compromise with imperfection, what must be kept in mind is the difference between not-there-yet imperfection, and the kind that is heading in a completely different direction. The former can be pleasant. The latter, almost always a mistake. At least in the long run.

      That’s what I think, anyway. lol. Not sure what that makes me.

      Thanks for the luck, though. Also, I’ve learned that these sort of things work out best if you leave them alone. Meaning, you don’t go looking for people. If they are your kind, they’ll find you themselves. ^_^

      • Tatsat says:

        Makes you a pragmatic person, by my reckoning of course 🙂

        Thats what I was told some time back. Sitting like a laptop without internet connection. A couple of years on, we both will find out how that theory works out 😉

  2. Hihihi, what an interesting read 😛 I have a friend who has the same type …though she monopolizes on Snape thoroughly. I would dig quick wit. Arrogance is a turn off unless there’s some tactfulness or sensitivity hidden under all that toughness.

    • 🙂

      Arre, I can totally relate, bro! My truest adoration is saved for the fan-fic version of Draco Malfoy in Draco-Ginny fanfic. Ah, the Wealth just completes it. He’s like Bruce Wayne, but with parental issues. Used to be good fun reading those..

      Anyhow, yes, I know what you mean by the arrogance being a turn off. That is why, in my head at least, I have them neatly categorized. Arrogance is when you’re really good at something, and you know it, yet are such a good human being despite it that it just adds flavor to your character. Whereas obnoxiousness is disgusting, like rotten food that only the maker is proud of. *shivers*

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