A new hope

So, my new phone is pretty awesome. Is the Nokia lumia 620, and for the last 4 days, i have just been tripping out on this phone.

To be honest, the camera wasn’t exactly what i expected at 5 mp, but that’s what an unnecessary 8.1 cam [my dragonborn xPeria… :(] will do to you, i suppose. Anyhow, this camera too does grow on you, and really is nothing to complain about..

I love the loudness and clarity of sound, and i love the touch of the touch screen. It’s beautifully responsive. Further, the vibrancy of, not only the phone body, but the display screen as well, is what makes the lumia stand out. Hence, though my phone is black, one side of it, i.e. The screen, constantly has various cool backgrounds called ‘lockscreens’ that just drastically alter the look of my phone with every transition. The phone also has equalizer settings that i haven’t fully explored yet.

The apps are alright. Is still a new market, as you can tell by the minimal reviews and ratings.

Anyhow, i made a new lockscreen for my phone using one of these apps that allows you to put together photos you’ve taken in a collage sort of way, and i’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so, tada!


Lockscreen 1


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