You stumble in,
in mauve and sin
the stale scent of smoky nights about you
I say, you lose
You tell me, I win
and wander off to find a place to brood

I don’t know why
I must stay to watch you cry
And so, I’m out of here, farewell, goodbye
Fall to your knees and weep
Sob yourself to sleep
The first cut’s meant to cut you deep

You crack a grin
I’m yours again
My heart sings and then my heart sinks
You fall down
Throw me your frown
But there’s still no way I can let you drown

Yet I know not
how I ever forgot
the depth of all your twisted little games
You stay on the floor
Don’t smile anymore
And, all we have is bitterness and blame

Say you’ll stay
I’ll stop right away
I can’t stand by and just watch you go,
watch you go
Say you’ll stay
The World is gray
I just can’t stand to watch you go,
watch you go

You stumble in
darker than sin
and I’ve already caught your restless eye wander
Please watch your step
You need some help
But you are away listening for the thunder

The storm’s long gone
but you linger on
Please don’t wait by that window no more
But, if the storm returns
and everything burns
Please don’t leave, say you won’t go?


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