The Individual

This World is a lie
and I’m a lover of truth
There’s one kind of me,
so many of you.
And even if you win,
you know I can never lose
I was born to resist
I was born to choose.

But you throw your parties,
and you make your rules
You pick your allies
and feed the rest to the fools
Thirsty for blood,
the masses clamor for more
While the rest of the planet
groans in anguished woe

So, I stand and I fall
and I take the blame
God knows, I’ve tried,
but it’s always in vain
Your truths are all falsehoods
your gods are all dead
And I’ve seen the Devil’s whore
climb out of your bed.

Your numbers may give you strength
but you’re all made up of me
And your every transgression
seals only your destiny
I shall end, cease to be
but at least I have lived
Your ending is uncertain,
But you get what you give.


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