Arbitrary Honesty

Honesty isn’t really the best policy. It puts you at a constant disadvantage, at the very best. And, at worst, it can kill you.

Maybe the Ramayana is supposed to teach us that when people do something in the name of something else, sometimes they forget what it was all about to begin with.

It reminds me a lot of Troy, though…

If I had to pick 7 favorite material, tangible things, in no particular order, I like

(+) Red nail paint

(+) Anything green and shiny and smooth.

(+) Silver stuff! Like chains and lockets and rings and bangles! And swords. *shifty look*

(+) Computers! (And the internet, though I don’t know if it is tangible. @_@ It is… right?)

(+) Denim jackets. And Coats! I just love all sorts of jackets and coats.

(+) Umm. Books? As in, I know it isn’t one thing, but, I need to have one on me at all times, or else I feel weird. It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel or a blank notebook. I just need something to read or to write in. So that I can control my mind. *shifty look again*

(+) Puzzles? Paint? The xBox Kinect? Badges? Boots.

I give up! There’s no way I can pick just seven things. :\ Guess the monastery shall have to wait.

Now, if I had to pick seven random thoughts that seem to be most often in my head

1. Moon

2. Fire

3. Rain

4. Revolution

5. Save

6. Kill

7. Hope

8. Madness

9. Sleep

10. A cure**

*laughs* Guess I got a little carried away. If it’s only 7, I’d take out hope along with the last two, and leave in madness. That’s the more likely end anyway. Since my Estel is now buried in a garden that isn’t even mine anymore…

Wow. Today seems spectacularly dark. I’m unsure as to why, however. It’s been an ordinary day. There’s just so much work to get around to. Reports to write, things to draft and applications to submit. Not to mention all the speaking. Oh, god. Okay, must steer clear of all this negativity! Instead, here’s this picture that I haven’t been able to stop laughing at since Tuesday morning. ha ha ha.

Excuse Me

Isn’t it hilarious?



** Blood, Loyalty, Betrayal, Truth.


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