Why being an Indian Woman is Really Annoying

Attention, Indian Women Rising: Self Defence can land you in Jail!

This is just so fucking pissing off. But, I can understand why. My suspicion is that this is all coz one in every 5 Indian men is a secret pervert, as empirical evidence shows. 1 in every 10 must be a groper. And one in every 100, a fantasy rapist. 1 in every 1000 probably molests his nieces. And, one in 10,000 gets drunk and can’t stop feeling people up. One in hundred thousand rapes minors he knows, so he can threaten/trick/cajole/kill them into silence. One in a million is an out-n-out raper. That’s one million rapists, surrounded by friends and families urging women to shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and take it. Take whatever society throws at your face, whether its pathetically desperate comments or the repulsive need to touch a woman (because no woman in her right mind would voluntarily touch them).

This is why the khap panchayats are kinda correct when they say that it’s the raising of the marriageable age that creates problems. That’s because the Indian society is used to finding and buying girls for their sons to rape. Because Indian society is used to selling its daughters into something even worse than prostitution. At least you get paid if you’re a whore. Not burned to death because your parents couldn’t buy your assaulter a shiny new car. Or his mother some more gold. Or some property for his father.

Like that a****** cop at the Metro who tried to snatch my pepper spray away. After being a lecherous little twerp himself. Fucking, one day you don’t dress in Black n White in this stupid city, and everybody wants to fuck with you. Well, I don’t need a pepper spray. I will claw out the eyes of any bastard who bothers me. Even if it kills me. I hope I can, when it is that moment. Coz, in this country, it isn’t an “if”, it is a “when”. It isn’t about hoping no one gets hurt, it’s all about hoping that that someone isn’t you. Grr. So much rage. This is like that 10 year imprisonment given to the chick who finally killed the guy who had been raping her for years, threatening her into silence. She finally lost it when he started bothering her sister.

Don’t stop, ladies. No one is going to hand you any rights on a plate. This is going to take screaming, kicking and punching. Stand your Ground!

As Morello says,

“Don’t let them tie you to the Stake,
Whatever it takes!”

Whatever it takes, perverts. You hear that? Whatever. It. Takes.

If you can’t control yourselves, crawl into a deep hole and die. Die, die, die! Gyah! When is our collective rage going to BURN the filth hiding in all echelons of our society? When?!

“It has to start somewhere,
It has to start sometime,
What better place than here?
What better time than now?!”

“Why Stand on a Silent Platform?
Fight the War, Fuck the Norm!”


2 thoughts on “Why being an Indian Woman is Really Annoying

  1. Igirit says:

    Thumbs up! I’ve been super annoyed by this post too but haven’t really tried to articulate yet why claims like this can serious confuse the issue of the very real danger women in this country negotiate everyday. It’s always his story versus hers, and unfortunately, his story always has more takers. 😦

  2. You know, i do actually believe that the reason behind this is that every guy has been rejected by some chick in his life. And, judging women this way makes them feel better about themselves; because they want to believe that every woman can be turned on by anyone, even if he is a complete @#@#%^@(. Easier than accepting the fact that one is/was a disgusting creep, and that’s why he was rejected, I suppose. It’s pathetic, really.

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