Nuala’s Poem

– The Sandman [The Kindly Ones]

Because I really do love this poem. And, I’m tired of looking for it every time I want to read it!

“I dreamed of kittens who were born to neutered puss, 
Then dreamed about a body buried in the corn… 
Be sure your sins will find you out.

You crippled you with pain and lies. 
You’re hurting all the time; and elf 
You built your prison cell yourself then schemed 
And dreamed of open skies. 

Princess! The river holds the trout,
So does the world take care of me.
And if you do not choose to see, 
That what we are we choose to be.
It’s hard, but is all one to me.

The rule is cruel, but there’s no doubt—
I’ll dream tonight of storms at sea…
Be sure your sins will find you out.”



3 thoughts on “Nuala’s Poem

  1. wambliokiye says:

    Yes we are what we choose to be. Still, there is always a way back home, at the heart of our land.

  2. wambliokiye says:

    Yes there is!
    Nonetheless, you can choose whatever you like. There is a point that may strike you, sooner or later, at the very end, Where it becomes clear, what is of true value, where you are from, where you belong, essentially. Your “home” is something very different from what is considered home here. A home that can make you feel homeless in this world. The heart of the land is the place where your heart connects with the land inside and outside of you. It doesn’t matter if choose to become heartless or not. However, if you lost your heart or feel robbed of your heart, it is a very good place start again.

    Right now you are just at a point where someone has to tell you, remind you. And I did!

    Take Care of Yourself!

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