On Arresting those Elements of Society that Instigate the Masses on Communal or Regional Grounds

Perhaps.. but this vigilance must be balanced against the very important freedom of speech and expression. The fact that people will make hateful and instigating speeches is not as much a disadvantage as one might believe. It is these people, with these words that are echoing what people comfortably speak within their homes. By reacting strongly to them, as free and aware citizens of the State, we send out a message to every single person who thinks that way. When we discuss why what they’re saying is wrong, we give everyone an opportunity to know why we think so.

It’s the same thing with Honey Singh. These people are just reflecting our society. Arresting them is not the answer. Constant dialogue against what they’re saying, filling the air with awareness, changing the mindsets of those people who are not completely convinced by these guys, and strongly condemning their words as a citizenry, *that* is the correct way to move forward.

It’s a sad state of affairs that such ranting can inspire such fanaticism in our country. That is what we must aim to change, so that tomorrow if such elements stand up and begin to talk crap like this, the people listening should equally condemn him. Or even better, ignore him completely. That is the only incentive for communal politics to stop in India.


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