To My Perverted (not in the good way) Brethren

WordPress provides you with this list of search terms that people have used to access your blog. Some of the things I’ve read… well, it just makes me sick. But, on the bright side, I’ve realized that quite a few perverts actually chance upon this page. And, that’s the bright side because now I can talk to them!

Let’s start with this piece of news: Indian techie convicted for allegedly groping woman during flight. Sigh. What is so abjectly wrong with our country that, as a rule, most men here feel a literal sort of entitlement over the body of a woman anywhere within arms reach? I’ve been pondering over this question deeply, and the prevalent attitudes of people (men & women both) that seem otherwise sane just don’t cease to astound me. So, I’ve put together something like an FAQ for the people who should ideally get their heads examined. With an axe.

Q. “Why would she dress like that if she didn’t want someone to do something to her?”

A. Why would you buy an expensive car, or drive it around? Because you have worked hard to afford it, and you want people to see you that way, because it makes you feel good and confident. For the slow ones here, the woman is not the car in this scenario; No, you are the woman, and the car is like the woman’s clothes. It’s an individual freaking choice made by a woman that has nothing to do with any of you, you self absorbed pigs! Do you take your car to broken down places? No! Because you think the locality is so full of criminals, they might steal it. In other words, when you tell a woman to cover herself up, you’re saying that you are all rapists, and will attack her the moment you see a bit of skin? Are you that seriously deprived? If you are, go visit the last question. It’ll explain what you should do.

Q. “Why would she be alone with a man if she wasn’t interested in sex?”

A. Fuck you. For even asking that question. I’m going to dedicate an entire post to this problem, which my country doesn’t seem to have identified collectively yet. This pathetic sense of envy and idiocy that rapists in India have in abundance: The belief that if a woman is willing to be with one man, why not them? Why not? I’ll tell you why not, you disgusting pathetic scum!! Because you’re a sick, good-for-nothing, worthless, ill-mannered, primitive, perverted, desperate, creepy tool who cannot comprehend the simple fact that NOBODY wants you because you DISGUST everyone. This sense of cheap envy is palpable all across this country. In fact, you might just be safer alone, or with another girl. It’s like men here see you with a boy, and they 1) Automatically assume you are sleeping with him (or why else would you be together?), followed by 2) “If you can sleep with him, what’s wrong with me?” Disgusting.

Q. “What should you do if you see a woman, and she is dressed in a way that turns you on?”

A. Control yourself. Are you an animal in heat? She owes you nothing, loser. And, trust me, you are the *LAST* person she’s trying to dress up for. In fact, she’s dressing up nicely despite the fact that creeps like you are roaming the streets. And, do you know why you’re so frustrated? Because, inherently, you realize that you are so untrustworthy and pathetic that people wouldn’t come near you dressed in the way you find so appealing. Well, from a non-hostile point of view, perverts, don’t you think the answer to that is at least pretending that you aren’t so  horny and savage that you want to fuck everything that has a female pulse? Let’s ignore the fact that you have mothers, sisters or wives; God only knows how you treat them. But, don’t you have any women friends? Don’t you think that’s fucked up?? It’s because people like you make society believe that men & women should be kept separated to keep them from “lusting” after each other. But, the truth is that if you had even one woman friend, who you actually interacted with as a human being, you wouldn’t be this pathetic at comprehending that you are a criminal for assaulting a woman, no matter what she’s wearing or who she’s with. Please, all you have to do to end this pathetic, disgusting predicament is *stop* being depraved. If you clean up your act, and behave yourself, and meet girls your own age, you’ll realize that they’re not that different from you, and they’ll realize the same. That’s the only hope for this country, sadly. In the hands of the perverts..


3 thoughts on “To My Perverted (not in the good way) Brethren

  1. akhilkatkar says:


    I just stumbled upon your blog on twitter. I can see that there is a lot of anger filled inside you and that is coming out of these blog posts. I haven’t read all of them but I am sure I will.

    I just would like to share this article that I had written with you which consists of the Indian culture… old and youth… concerning women. It is not properly edited nor written cause, well I wrote it in the heat of the moment, and it was just for a few friends of mine as we were discussing the topic, but I thought it might answer some of your questions.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have immense hatred towards the rapists and murderers and I would love for them to have capital punishment. I just tried to put this situation in perspective and put my views forth as to why such a shameful incident should happen…. again and again…

    Here’s a link.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. I agree with most of what you’ve said. It’s impressive that you reached that conclusion after just an analysis of our society, because it is more or less true.. If you were to read through the last four or five posts of mine, you’d understand exactly where I stand on the issue. 🙂 Especially the debates that I’ve had with my friends.

    Where I’d like to correct you is that there is no Hate in my heart or mind. I look at the rapists who attacked and brutally murdered the Delhi Braveheart (for lack of a more appropriate name) as merely tools of a violent, misogynistic society who encourages its semi-literate population to dominate and oppress women, ensuring that they remain subjugated. The reasons are a million-fold, but the citizens are being idiots.

    Regardless of whether it’s true or not that society will take a lot of time to progress, as educated citizens, it is our duty to be aware and responsive to crimes and societal issues, especially those such as this one. Don’t you think?

  3. Spree says:

    I find it tragic that good people find it very difficult to think through the eyes of a bad person. This is why good people like you guys think of this issue in social terms. I feel sad when otherwise intelligent people call our politicians stupid and impotent, and think rapists are purely a by-product of society.

    The truth is that our politicians are by and large in the game to maximize their financial and social status and nothing more. Since the beginning of time there have been bad and good people; these rapists are simply bad people. Their actions appear animalistic because they have no intelligence and self-control; the sad issue is if these same people were born in your social circle, S, they would have learnt to say intelligent things, to not take the risk of being caught and sent to jail and to only rape when they could easily get away. My point is that no matter what they say after being caught, none of these rapists is kidding themselves that rape is OK, they are just bad people who are doing bad things because they can.

    Changing our society will change things because the same people behave differently in different circumstances. In this and any society however, there is only one type of thing bad people listen to or care about- fear, punishment and consequences.

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