Is the Pen always mightier than the Sword?

Lady S: What is mightier? The pen or the sword?

Sir M: Depends on the wielder, I would say. For instance, if it were you, I would be wary even if –

Lady S: That’s not what I mean, and you know it! Don’t jest, Ser! Tell me this very instance-

Sir M: Alright, alright.

Lady S: With the sword, it is actions and deeds that one is committing. However, the area of effect is limited. On the other hand, while a pen cannot fight by itself, it can be used to move a million swords in a million hands. One cannot be everywhere. But, if our cries are not echoed loud enough, is the sound still mightier than the blow?

Sir M: What would you have me say, Lady S? It seems as though your mind is made up.

Lady S: My mind is not made up! If it were so, I would know what to do, would I not?

Sir M: Take up the sword then, my Lady.

Lady S: …

Sir M: That is what you want to hear.

Lady S: What do you have to say, honestly?

Sir M: I stand by what I first said, my Lady. It all depends on the wielder. A pen is no use in the hands of an illiterate peasant, and what would a writer make of a sword? Everything has to be where it is.

Lady S: Well said, Ser. Well said.


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