Philosophy: The Quest for the Truth

The quest for the absolute truth
Is that what philosophy is about?
I know I cannot be certain
but I think I have to find out.
Nearly twenty winters ago,
when I was a different girl
I thought Happiness was
surely the answer to the World.
But in the years intervening,
I’m afraid the word lost its meaning,
and I thought maybe  it was Purpose that I was after.
But, Death was the next obsession I found
and in shadows, I would sleeplessly wait around,
until I decided to die drenched only in the brightest Laughter.
But, Adventure‘s always had
a  different sort of hold over me
And, in the middle of dodging games with blurry cars
I thought only a dangerous life was one worthy to lead.
I had a taste of Love in the middle,
and found it just as bitter as I had always suspected
Before going on to realize
that it was only Freedom that I’d ever perfected.
And, somewhere between holding hands
and arguing about wars that waged on the streets.
In the midst of you, and you alone,
I found the best in me.
And, I thought to myself that it had begun to seem
that all I’d ever wanted, fought for and been
The only thing that ever held any appeal
is what was true, what was Real.
But, I lived in my head for far too long
to be capable of any such undertaking
Besides, what was so real about the way
your Winter left my entire world shaking?

I don’t want what I used to,
and I barely need anything anymore
The only thing I want is the Truth,
pardon me for being dramatic or hardcore.
So, I’m not quite certain
what Philosophy is about
But, I heard that if it’s the Truth you seek,
only Philosophy can help you out.
I’m disillusioned with Science and its motives,
Religion’s always been a scam
With just one life on this damn planet
Isn’t it important to know the Truth of who I am?


3 thoughts on “Philosophy: The Quest for the Truth

  1. Wow – I feel like I’ve just read something written out from my own mind! A wonderful poem, and such wise words – I can sense you have learnt a lot from life so far! Look forward to reading more of your words!
    Suzy 😀

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your kind comment. 🙂 Uncertain as to what I’ve learned from life, but, yes, it does like to teach. lol. Thank you for visiting, and I do hope to see you around again. 🙂

  3. Swathi S says:

    seriously..this is what my state of mind is right now..I am not good at just nailed it.

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