Nothing is True

Nothing is True because nothing is known; or at least nothing is known in its entirety. It is important at this point to keep in mind that the statement is intended to be a mere observation of the world rather than any sort of doctrine.

In Ancient Greece, the scholars of the time of Aristotle believed that Stones fell to the Earth because of some sort of “Love” that they felt towards the ground. Today, we know of gravity, but do we know why it exists? Or how it’s possible for a force of attraction to be stronger and stronger the further away two objects are from one another? (And, the love that the Greeks spoke of, it can also be translated as a sort of “attraction” between the falling stone and the ground. Is that not what gravity really is?)

Likewise, we know that millions of birds and animals migrate thousands of miles every year, but we still don’t know how they know their path? or how the Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica came into existence, or what the hell was up with the Tunguska event, and a million other things. Yes, we know a lot more than we did in the past, and we will know a lot more in the future, but will human beings ever know everything? Perhaps, perhaps not. But, as of now, we do not.

Hence, one cannot make an absolute statement today with any sort of absolute conviction in its truth, because, *Nothing* is true. We know nothing for certain. The Church, the State, these are only institutions that we, as humans, have created for ourselves. “To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.”

The only voice that you should listen to is the one inside you that can tell right from wrong. Make your own path, because it is just as true as every other path anyone might direct you towards. Surely,it is even more so. If every human governed themselves, we wouldn’t be so dependent on all these oppressive institutions that our own immorality has caused us to fearfully establish. We’ve been fueling them with terror and our disgraceful behavior. And States can’t save the millions of people starving of hunger, only other people can. God is not going to stop any War. People have to.

Nothing is True, because something must be, and we have not found it yet.

And, in order to find the truth, One has to proceed on the assumption that nothing one encounters is likely to be the truth. In fact, one should be certain of this. With such an approach, the entire onus of proving itself to be true belongs to the alleged truth itself. In a way, the rationale is quite similar to the Buddhist philosophy of questioning Everything one comes across; It is only thus that we can discover the true nature of anything, including the Truth of Truth itself.

3 thoughts on “Nothing is True

  1. I’ve been saying this very same thing, to myself, and anyone I know that will let go of their preconceived ideas and listen. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read your words here! I agree with this so much, especially the bit about fuelling them with terror, and about questioning everything one comes across. I have let go of so many beliefs that I had assumed were true, and I’ve seen some terrible things in recent years that have made my whole thinking turn upside-down, and I’m slowly learning to think for myself. And I mean ‘really’ think for myself – I double and treble question everything! And it has been so worth it, because instead of waiting for things to change, one day, or maybe never, I just say out loud or even just think it sometimes what it is I need, and it’s not too long before it either comes to me or I get lead to it, and it all seems so simple, I’m almost in shock sometimes at what I have discovered since turning my thinking inside out! It seems there is nothing we can’t know if we believe that the answer is there, we just haven’t seen it yet! If only the rest of the world could stop being like little captured birds, our world would change beyond what we could imagine if everyone questioned everything they ever heard or read and proved them to be truth or lies!

    I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and will definitely be back to read more!
    Suzy 😀

    • It’s reassuring to know that there are more of us out here. We’re stuck in the quicksand of our past traditions and practices and beliefs, but all that a human being needs to navigate through life is his own rational mind and reason-ability.

      Those who have power, they obviously don’t want to lose it. They want their people afraid, so they’re more co-operative. And, we just too freely hand over our individual rights. Have you read Orwell’s 1984? I sincerely believe that it is only the advent of the internet that saved us from such a fate!

      It’s actually really interesting how Socrates, the Buddha and Ezio Auditore da Firenze all happen to find the same path, and place the same importance on questioning everything.

      As for your last part… would it be possible for you to elaborate? Because, things used to be like that with me all the time!! It was like I was walking, blindfolded, and the path I was on immediately curved and bend and straightened to make sure I didn’t fall off it. And, for the longest time, I got what I wanted, no matter what. If I really wanted something, it was mine.

      … but, lately, it feels like, well, not the same…

      “If only the rest of the world could stop being like little captured birds, our world would change beyond what we could imagine if everyone questioned everything they ever heard or read and proved them to be truth or lies!”

      Amen, sister. sigh. Does convincing humanity one human at a time have any chance of working? -_-

  2. Yes I have almost finished reading 1984! Got a bit distracted in the last few months with writing and I need to get back and finish the last quarter of the book waiting to be read. I was 16 in 1984, and I did not want to know about George Orwell’s book, too depressing! But I don’t feel that way about it now, and found the content of the book fascinating, and I realised if I had read it at 16, my mind wouldn’t have seen what I see today, I needed a mature mind to appreciate what he was saying!

    The bit I mentioned about finding what you need is fairly straight forward. When I become aware that I am worrying about something that I feel I have no answer to, I make a statement either in my mind or out loud, and I say something like this – “I may not have the answer now, but I will find the answer, all questions have answers, and I will find it.” And then I will say what it is, if it’s a specific thing I’m looking for, and if I have no idea what it is I need to solve a problem I just leave it, and know it will come along.

    I recently I was in dire need of an office chair, something very firm, that had a back that I could adjust backward and forward by centimetres, not 2 or 3 stages as those were often not right for me. I was getting a lot of pain in my back and neck, had been looking for nearly a year and just couldn’t find what I needed, so I decided to test the speaking out theory, and just stated all the features I needed in that chair. Three weeks later I was sitting comfortably in that chair! I had a sudden urge to check out a specific shop that I had visited before, but that day was very important, because unknown to me it was the last day of a sale, with just one chair with all the features I was looking for. And I had even spoken out the price (just under £200) and I was thrilled to buy it for £175, and it’s original price was £350! I have a quality chair at a bargain price!

    So after that success, I started becoming more aware of my thinking and started to think of other things in my life I wanted to solve. I had a very bad dry skin condition that I had been suffering from for 15 years, mainly effecting my hands and scalp. So I kept saying to myself every time I was aware of worrying about it – “I’m going to find the answer, the answer is there.” After a few weeks I started to get this urge to try a recipe for Parsnip soup (I like making different kinds of soups!) Now the strange thing about this was I had always hated Parsnips, so this desire to eat that vegetable seemed a little strange! So after a number of weeks with that idea coming back to me, I finally got down to making the soup. I tried various tricks like adding a little milk or roasting the Parsnip beforehand to make it taste less strong, and it worked- I liked it! After about 4 weeks of eating different variations of this soup I suddenly noticed my hands weren’t quite as red and sore as they used to be, and the improvement kept on increasing! That was a few months ago, and my hands look completely normal now and my scalp is almost normal too! I still have to be careful what soaps I use on my skin, as a lot will make the skin start to break down again, and also avoiding hot water, but at least they look normal now, no red itchy patches, no blisters or cracks in the skin. I don’t know if it is just me, and that is what my body had been crying out for, or if Parsnips in general are a healer for chronic dry skin conditions!

    So this is my elaboration- sorry this is so long! You can see why I didn’t go into it before, it’s a little lengthy to explain!! And this is not all of them, they are just a few examples of what I meant by there’s nothing we can’t know if we believe that the answer is there. I hope this will be of some help to you, at least it’s easy to do, doesn’t require a religion or belief, so anyone can do it regardless of beliefs, or no beliefs. The only thing to be gained from it, is freedom!

    And we can only hope to convince one person at a time, it is all we have – our life – our voice!
    Suzy 😀

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