The Price of Innocence

It is a trick
that they don’t want you to learn,
because once you know it,
and it has learned you,
you shall know that you can leave
anytime you want to.

It is a secret
that no one wants to tell
coz two can keep a secret
only if one of them is dead.
And the price of Freedom
is Eternal Vigilance.

It is a shame
that only a child would dare ask
the question that is just as controversial,
but in a nobler, quieter way.
“What is the price of Forgiveness?”

I think we led our answer
in a long and winding line
all the way up the Pied Piper’s lair
in the name of misguided sacrifices,

Now, only the bluest skies
can hear the infant’s cries
as it wails out the answer
before his heart is ripped out
as his mother watches on silently
from her own tailor-made cage
And father is sent to fight in a futile war
and the only one enraged
is the little boy spying in on the murder
even as his sister asks him if he’s okay,
but he only shakes his head
for all the grown-ups are really
too irresponsible to be trusted,
And they like to act like sheep.


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