Love is Colder than Death

In the depth of a traditionally
dark and stormy night,
she saw a shadowy reflection
of the strangest, brightest light

And the glow of that illumination
promised what words never could.
Not like they would take them;
Not like they ever did us any good.

And is it betrayal
when someone contradicts what they say?
or is it when you refuse to believe
that this insipid mess was the only way?

Yes, it’s easy when it hurts,
but that’s not because pain is free
And for all the wounds we crawled into
there’s not much left for time to heal.

And she knows that sometimes, she might sound distraught
but for all that we have fallen, we have also been taught
that you’re only as weak as the strongest feeling that claws inside your mind
You’re only as strong as the burdens you can afford to leave behind.

And, darlin’, she’s so much stronger
than you could ever possibly believe
And the only reason you know her secret
is so you’d understand how cold she’s had to be.

But, you wouldn’t understand,
and for expecting that from you,
I suppose, it’s entirely comprehensible
why you did what you had to do.

Your winter might stay frozen,
but we’re all creatures of fire
and we’d have fought the dark, all year long
but you chose to say goodbye.

In the depth of a traditionally
cold, and insipid, bitter night,
she tore her heart into ribbons
and offered them up to your light

There’s only so long that anyone can fight for anything at all
There’s only so many times you’ll be the one she calls.
The brightest of lights only lit the darkest halls
And the coldest of us, stay the loneliest of all.

2 thoughts on “Love is Colder than Death

  1. Mave says:

    Jade Chan..this is brilliant. I love!!

  2. Mave says:

    Reblogged this on Slowing Down To Watch Gargoyles and commented:
    Because beauty needs to be shared..and this is so very, very beautiful.

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