A Dream of Who?

I dreamed a strange dream last night,
but can’t remember what it was all about
I recall that it was dark and cold
and I remember looking for my way out

There were wooden doorways that hung suspended
from what seemed like, both, time and space
While, from every corner, there strayed a hundred
sad voices, that I could not trace.

And every time, I begin to wonder why
I’m transported back to that rainy day
The World burned brighter, somehow fuller
And you stood minutes from crossing my way.

Well, look at us now, so old and faded
In the wake of this fall, let’s choose jaded
For all of the blueprints you bought and traded
I reiterate, our moment was fated.
I suppose every rise must have its fall
None for one, but one for all
Waiting for unexpected calls
Hallowed be thy wretched halls.


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