Shades of You

The eyes that watch you,

are the eyes that trap you;

It’s never really the words that they say.

But, the depths of the real,

are always easier to feel,

when you’ve been to the bottom of the bay.


Except, maybe, I suppose, it really is only inevitable
that you would have to drown before you can burn.
And, sometimes in the middle of a particularly fierce goodbye
Is the feeling that you can never return.


The last edge of the sky I captured

was a special shade of you

and it’s the only color left that I can see

Everything else is in tones

of gray and blue

and violent streaks of someone who used to be me.


And I say this out of nothing, but the deepest respect
Turn around, babe, and walk out of my way.
You’ve proved your case, and made your point.
There’s really no reason for you to stay.


2 thoughts on “Shades of You

  1. Mave says:

    I luuurve this one, really cool despite being so sad.

  2. Arigatou… Though, sometimes I fear I’m sentences away from schizophrenia. :/

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