PT. Act II, Scene 1: Beware the Ideals of June?

Philosophical Torment Act II, Scene 1: Beware the Ideals of June?

Note: Act 2 refers to the second trilogy of philosophical change currently wreaking havoc in my life. Whereas Act I was more about external influences literally forcing, and bending, my mind towards the undeniable issues plaguing our planet today, Act 2 consists of three different Mental Scenes, or Stages, that directly contradict each other. However, I can’t seem to move from one to the other any more than I can seem to harmoniously interpret the truth (imho) of each of these Stages. So, well, here goes nothing.

Stage I:

I can kill myself this very instant. Or live inside a tiny room, for a 100 years. Or I can party every single day until I die. But, once I am dead, if I have only lived for myself, then where do I exist? All the pain, all the lessons, all the values that life teaches us, forces us to learn and understand; is it really for nothing?

That just doesn’t make sense to me…

There must be *some* reason we try and understand the World around us, and that reason always comes back to the collective. As long as men and women die, living for yourself shall never be enough. It shall never be enough to even have existed in the memory of time, let alone any living being, and I can’t stand the thought of that. It cannot all be for nothing. One way or the the other, we are all here to *do* something, and evolve.

And when I say evolve, I don’t mean just individually. There are people who can become teachers, others who will become doctors and save lives, etc, etc. But, the least that all of us can do is try to make things better.

The least we can do is learn and Share what we learn, is it not?

Because once we are dead and gone, that is all you have to leave behind as proof that you even ever existed: Your words and your thoughts.
Also, it isn’t possible for you to meet all the people someone like you needs to. Not in one lifetime. But, it is your words that ensure that some day, someone can understand what you have to say. Someone who perhaps leads a bleak and colorless life; who can read your words and know that someone understood him or her, even if it was a thousand years ago.
In other words, it’s a conversation across space and time.. so, even if the words you say today don’t appear to be too relevant or make too much of a difference, that is never good enough a reason to not put them down. It’s like all the ancient books we read today. The people who write them, as well as the people who they are based on; they are sharing parts of their souls with us, and that’s not something you do with everybody you meet. You bestow that favor only on the special. Those, who may or may not exist today. But whose lives are bound to yours.
I believe that.

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