A Crowded Eclipse

Eyes still ablaze with the light of the new
I returned to my dusty home of old
And the smoke from the fire, I once lit for you
is all that kept me from the wretched cold.

For some reason, I thought everything else would stay the same
But found every last thing covered in a film of gray
I wanted to believe it was only us that ended up changed.
but my house burned down, and I have nowhere to stay.

In his sad lonely voice, all golden eyed
he said, “if I had never seen the sky,
Oh, I would not ache to be free
nor wonder what it is like, to die.”

But, even blind, I ached for the sun
so, what defense could I possibly use?
When all four sides are colored in black
Does it matter what direction I choose?

And meaningless voices that laugh and taunt
whisper different kinds of vengeful threats to me
While for some reason, no one seems to understand
All that frightens me, is what we could choose to be.


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