Quiet Winters

I walk around the block in silence
the souls of my sneakers, quiet;
even as the Earth groans
in whispered agony,
and I try not to
think of home.

There was a joke in here someplace
but now, all I see are dark alleys
and dimly lit street corners
full of familiar shadows.

I could make my way back to your window
I could find you with my eyes closed
And hands tied behind my back
But, what for?

I walk around this silence in dire defiance
dodging skeptics and opportunists
Do you all really think
this little of me?

If I could be bought, I’d have long been sold
In the heart of winter, mine hides, cold
When I swore loyalty, I meant
the kind that I knew would
leave me howling
at your grave.


2 thoughts on “Quiet Winters

  1. Twiggy says:

    Aritlces like this make life so much simpler.

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