Doubt thou the stars are fire

By an idyllic lake in the ghost of a park
Like the warmth of a hand in the cold of the dark
Like a fairy’s inner light that keeps her strong
The beauty found deepest in an anguished song

Like the note of a bird that caught the worm
The finest honor that can be earned
The deepest ocean, the highest tide
For every human soul to have lived and died

In the name of all that ever meant a thing
Full, like the hollow of your favorite ring
As constant as the light of the ancient moon
Always the same note, comforting, out of tune

Enough to leave, when you wish it be
More than us, more than me
In every way that’s dangerous, and bad
Never wrong; too often, sad.

Like falling water when it meets the stream
Or the freshest strawberries with the freshest cream
Lighter than smoke, darker than despair
Lost, confused, but always there.

As is helpless, a prisoner, bound in chains
as willing as the Earth to the falling rain
Louder than thunder, brighter than the Sun
Lonelier than loneliness; alone, undone.


2 thoughts on “Doubt thou the stars are fire

  1. Mave says:


    We are getting married. *determined nod*

  2. “Doth thou the sun doth move..”

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