I Love this Poem!
Way to go, Mave! ❤

Slowing Down To Watch Gargoyles

There was once a Big Bad Wolf
who had a foolish dream,
of finding a pure red heart
and tainting it with deciet.
So every evening at sundown,
the jaded streets he’d roam
not knowing of any other place
he’d find Red Riding Hood to take home.
Searching for big innocet eyes
amongst the walking dead,
and straining to hear her laughter
in words that were never said.
“Hey Red Riding Hood
I am hungry for your love.
Your tasty foolish heart
is begging to be devoured.
Forget your grandma and your mother’s basket
and do come out and play,
that boring world and what it says,
only stands true during the day.”
But the Wolf didn’t know the honey trap
that was Red Riding Hood’s smile,
or the mischief that was hidden
behind those innocent eyes,
and as the sun went down,
the Big Bad Wolf followed her home

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