Custodial Torture, Sexual Assault, and a Medal for Gallantry, but for the wrong side.

Perhaps the most chilling is the recent case of Soni Sori, which involves the brutal custodial torture of Soni Sori, a 35 year old adivasi teacher in a government-run school for tribal children in Dantewada, by the Chhastisgarh police. Arrested in October 2011 on unsubstantiated allegations of being a Maoist sympathizer, and acting as a conduit to extort Rs. 1.5 million for the CPI (banned Maoists) from the Essar Group, Sori’s letters from prison reveal a seriously disturbing story. Pulled out of her cell at the Dantewada Police Station on the night between Oct 9th and 11th, Sori was taken to  SP Ankit Garg’s room, where, on his orders, three men stripped her, gave her multiple electric shocks, and inserted stones into her private parts, at which point, she lost consciousness.[1]

The callousness of the Indian State is best demonstrated by the fact that three months later, the same SP Ankit Garg, far from being questioned for his role in the Soni Sori case, was awarded a Police Medal for Gallantry by the government for his role in a counter-insurgency operation that took place in 2010, says the WGHR report. The Supreme Court ordered an independent medical examination of Sori at NRS Medical College, Kolkatta where doctors found stones lodged in her vagina and rectum.

Yet, to this day, not a single FIR has been lodged against the perpetrators. And, Soni Sori is constantly denied the treatment she needs to recover from the brutal assault.

The unnerving part is that her link with human rights activists is all that saved her from a nameless grave, and it chills me to the bone to think of the atrocities that appear to be carried out in these areas with such a blatant disregard for the law and obnoxious impunity.

What is wrong with this Country?!

Petition to get the Perverted Police Punished:

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