Paper Rant

You bring on the mud, the dirt and the grime
Revel in glee, as you recreate their crimes
You feed on horror, pain, shock and despair
You’re greedy, depraved, cruel, blind and unfair.

The World is whatever we want it to be
Our minds are our own, our wills, meant to be free
And you lap up the blood of the lost wailing child
With your talons, twisting, three inches inside

No method to your madness, you’re a coward, a fool
What you don’t see, is that you’re one of us, too
And, all the special effects that you throw in the pool
May it come back to you, may it come back to you.

For you’re not the ones meant to make things true
and those that matter shall remember each one of you.
So, watch your horrors, and lock all your doors
Clutch at your sanity, as you cry on the floor

You lit the fire, now you watch the World burn
And say your prayers, while you wait for your turn
You’ve sold all the filth your greasy hands could sell
But, the third eye of God? It’s the First Eye of Hell.


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