Semper Fidelis

Sing me a song,
any song,
Love, sing me a song tonight
Of courage,
and honesty,
and of fighting, the good fight.
Sing for me,
like you used to sing
Sing like all was right
Sing me a song
Of loyalty
Love, sing me a song, tonight

But you won’t sing
No, you don’t
You won’t even say a word
Not to me,
not to the dog,
and not even the baby bird.
For we have failed,
and you have won
and we do not deserve your song
Take away
each hard earned smile,
For all that was ever done wrong.

And I will go
I will follow
your last song to the furthest sea
For, if you don’t sing
Not even a word
There’s nothing left here for me.
All the king’s horses,
and all the king’s men,
cannot convince me to stay
I need your song
to keep me here
And it, I shall follow away.


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