BU mulls over evicting law school

BU mulls over evicting law school.

There are criminal activities taking place on your campus grounds. For all practical purposes, you are responsible for your property. Definitely for what happens on your property.

You don’t have a single check-point at even one of the three entrances to your University??!! Why? Are you a very safe campus? Is your campus not, repeatedly, used as a site for murder and rape and other heinous crimes? Wait, let me repeat that: YOUR campus is repeatedly used as a site for murder and rape and other heinous crimes. YOUR campus. Is this getting through the primitively hardened skull you have obviously been blessed with, Mr. Mylarappa???

Your students have a hostel entrance time of 7 pm, and you say that whoever is out after that time is not allowed in? So, you’re saying that there is a high possibility that it was your male students wandering about at night that committed the heinous crime?! Well, you could have locked them out that night, couldn’t you?! After all, did you not just say that you do that on a regular basis?!

So, even apart from this one latest incident, don’t you think it most likely that YOUR students are behind more of these crimes?! Since, most of these acts do take place after 7 pm.. Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that it is YOUR campus, and you don’t allow YOUR students back into YOUR hostels after 7 pm, and all the crime happens on YOUR campus after 7 pm?!

It’s easy to point fingers, Mr. Mylarappa. It’s a little more difficult to use your mind and think logically before making statements that could get you into serious trouble. And, believe me, no matter how much bad karma it gets me, I’m going to personally pray for you to never be welcomed into heaven along with your next seven generations for the extremely primitive, backward and retarded comments you have made here. You have expressed your ignorance, and your insensitivity, and I won’t even need to pray that hard. And the only reason I bring God in here is because people like you, that’s all they care about, isn’t it? That their precious God loves them, and keeps them safe.

Well, God Watches everything, Mr. Mylarappa. More than you watch your campus anyway. And God fucking hates you.

And, lastly, put some freakin’ guards at your stupid gates, and allow your precious students back into your hostels after 7, so that they aren’t tempted into going about assaulting people who don’t have to be locked  in their rooms at 7 pm as if they were 13 year olds.

Your pathetic excuses are disgusting.

Note: Edited (/toned down) to avoid legal liability.


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