Night and Day

On hallowed grounds, the twin towers stand
unshaken, unbroken, they twist and turn
And with every dream of the promised land,
they twist some more, and burn and burn

Her hands are small, her steps are light
She bows her head and prays for dawn
Watching her, hidden in the dark of the night
He is determined that morning shall find him gone

But her words are earnest, he cannot go
Eyes drawn to lips that don’t stop to breathe
And he reaches out, desperate to show
He is still here, he will not leave.

Ah, dawn is near, and they, still here
He watches as she reaches for the last fading star
He wishes she would stay, she has nothing to fear
But she cannot hear him when he stands so far.

And now the Sun is here, he shields his eyes
even as she smiles into the light
And the towers burn, as they reach for the sky
Even as he aches to flee back into the night.

A flash of thunder, a spot of rain
and her laughter hurts, like shattered glass
But he stays still, to soak in the pain
for he knows he has chosen what has come to pass.

But, she’s only smiling aloud at the stormy sky
and there is no reason to ache
What could be killed, was killed with goodbye
There is nothing left to break.

And he watches her climb the tower of fire
Even as he lays his claim to the tower of ice
Yet they both burn in unashamed desire:
The towers of truth, and the children of lies.

3 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. Mave says:

    This is so sad…
    Also, is it weird if I get excited? You keep getting better and better

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