No one is going to save us. We have to save ourselves.

Humans! I’m talking to you! Yes, you. The now is crucial. The Future is now. It decides everything. Whether we live or perish, whether we can learn in time, whether we can simply stop everything else and realize that everything in this World today, everything that you are part of, every school, office, organization, club, society, judiciary, committee, kitty party, car pool, everything, it’s only pretend.

It’s only pretend!

But, your life, my life, all our lives; each and every one of them is all that is real. If that is not, then everything else does not matter. And if it is, then everything else matters much much lesser. Or should anyway.

There is no one to listen to. But, that’s okay. Listen to yourself. We are not a crazy race of frenzied fanatical bodies always thirsting for blood, nor are we little numbers on the lists of giant mega-corporations.. We are People!

With thoughts and opinions and the ability to logically reason.

We can choose to do the right thing.

Imagine if, come dawn tomorrow, everyone gets out of bed feeling free of every single bad thing that other people have inflicted upon them. Imagine a day where no one murders anyone, no one rapes anyone, no child is orphaned by senseless war, no State sponsored brutality takes place under the very nose, nay, orders, or the leaders of our country.. Imagine no unfair preventive detention, no ‘disappeared’ teenage girls and boys from the Northern regions of this Nation, no domestic helper child tries to kill herself, no children torture smaller animals, and the Courts of Law are Halls of Justice…

It won’t take much, you know…

There are people out there, who don’t think humanity is capable of redemption! They want to watch everything burn to ashes, because they believe that it is what we deserve.

… To be honest… I used to believe that. For a while.

But, then, for every second that we waste wondering whether or not an issue is worth getting into an argument about, for every time we hold back from saying something contrary to popular perception simply because we are afraid of social ostracism, for every moment we ponder or debate upon the merits and vanities of activist discourse, children are dying because they have no food. Because they have had lesser to eat in a week than the amount of leftover food you threw out last night. Children are tortured and killed, children, please throw away the blanket of desensitivity that Television has wrapped us all in; Reality TV is not reality. The reality is bleeding, crying, wailing orphans. They don’t understand this, but they suffer. We can stop it. You and I, and all the others that are out there. We can stop them from dying.

And, all you have to do is wake up.

Please, wake up.

And those children, those people, it could have been you. It could have been me. It could have been the person that you loved. It could be the person you love. Or the one you might have had his life not been brutally ended. For nothing.

It’s all for nothing, can’t you see??

Nothing except the greed of Industrial complexes that I don’t even know what to say about.

All we have keeping us safe is the internet.

As long as our voices can reach each other, no one can completely disappear. No one can be completely erased.

And this scares them. Oh, but that’s for another time. So late it is! Sorry for all the typos, folks. And the abrupt ending, err, if anyone read this far. Anyway, goodnight!!


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