The Truth

The answer to your question will arise when you no longer need to ask it.” – Al Mualim

Prima facie, this statement appears to be an obvious one. But, of course once you find the answer, you will no longer be asking the question. However, I believe Al Mualim means this in a sense that is more in the realm of abstraction.

Take for instance, the question to be regarding the purpose of life. It is only once that you achieve it, that you will know what it was. Take the absolute truth, it is only once you find it, will you no longer need to ask what it was. But, until you do, that is your question.

I believe what Al Mualim was trying to say is that the Universe unravels itself. And, through life, it teaches you what you need to know, what you want to know. In a nutshell, you will know when you know. And, sometimes, in order to find something, you have to stop searching and start evolving first.

“The Truth is out there. It’s waiting for you. And it will find you if you want it to.


2 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. FluxFiles says:

    so basically start living, stop searching cause the answers will present themselves eventually?

    • MidoriiJade says:

      No, don’t stop searching… But, yes, first and foremost, start to live. You have no choice but to search, right?

      See this example. If I, as a child, ask my mother when I can go out to the beach, and she says, you’ll know the answer to that when you no longer need to ask the question, maybe all I need to do is grow older by a couple of years, and before I know it, my friends will learn to drive, and someone will pick me up, and we’ll be on our way to the beach.

      Likewise, sometimes, in order to obtain something, and in order for things to make sense to us, we have to change, grow or evolve ourselves.. And, often, this is a part of the process of searching, we just don’t realize it at the time..

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