Logic of Power



Power is important. And it isn’t only because everybody wants it. The more power you possess, the more control you have. Over not only your own, but other people’s lives as well. Power gives you a high that might remind one of the exhilaration and delight of true freedom, but this is merely a symptomatic illusion, usually the source of this addiction – when it isn’t based on a perverse desire to hurt and conquer, of course. It is an illusion, because while more Power might mean fewer masters, each step demands more and more, until every upward move involves a sacrifice that we are by then hardwired to too readily give. 


The Power belongs to the people. Whatever happened to that government of the people, by the people, for the people? How can millions of people remain poor in a country, year after year, while MNCs – that aren’t even real people, make billions and billions of dollars? How can they rob the same people that work for them, day and night, who often work endless shifts, subjecting themselves to hazards that they do not even fully comprehend? How can they get away with incidents such as the Bhopal Disaster (India) and The Hawk’s Nest Tunnel (West Virginia, U.S.) without even a scratch, while orphaned children cry in their wake, often themselves infected by diseases that no doctor can ever cure – if they were to ever be able to afford one.

A professor of mine said this very trippy thing in class once, “You can never take a look at the so called ‘whole-picture’. Because, once you begin to see all the things that are happening in the World today, you’d only get sad and depressed and suicidal. That’s why people isolate events and ignore the rest. We all do it. And if we wish to remain sane, we have to.

If it were anybody else saying these words, I would dismiss them as Ostrich-like instantly, but this professor knows things. A negotiator, he has been a key party to the making of deals between the government and armed militant forces multiple number of times. When he speaks, you are compelled to listen, even though I’ve never once heard him raise his voice. He has seen more than I can ever dream to.. and you can see it in him. Therefore, because he has said it, I wonder if it is true, though I already know it is, for I know a little bit about insanity.

There is just too much that is wrong with the World. Too much that needs fixing. Meanwhile, the people seem to be caught up in struggles over things that would be worthless unless all that is basic about our rights and freedoms are guaranteed.

And you know that everything you hold dear to you is at risk, when cities are placed under curfews of 2300 hours, though you are not at war with anyone, when you need to ask the police whether you can play music in the far-out country-side rather than just inform them. And when they can stop you from walking from one end of town to the other, on the ground that certain political groups have threatened violence. So? Are not the police in existence to prevent exactly that kind of thing?

It’s a common problem in our country, and perhaps in others as well, that authorities believe our handing over of certain freedoms in our desire to be safe translates to an acceptance of laws that further curtail our freedoms just to make their jobs easier. Free Speech is a constitutional right. And every policeman, just like any citizen, has the highest form of duty to uphold the Constitution.

But, who knows that now? And, who cares, right?

We’ve got to take the Power back…

Does Power always corrupt?
No, but it always can.

And Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.


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