Nine Lives

There are Nine planets in the skies
and I knew them all, except for one;
The one that forever in the shadow lies
far from the sight of the glowing sun.

Yet from the darkness of its cold,
I can still hear the whispers moan
of Paradise bought and too quickly sold
and Love, lost, let out on loan.

I used to tremble in reckless fear
Not yet bitten, but dreaming of the snake
With vicious fangs that wait to tear
Flesh from bone; until all life forsake.

It took the poison of a painful sting
To learn that men die not so simply
And even then, did those whispers sing
Of things that were, and those that could be.

“What is it that you want?”, I cried
Dawn after dawn, Night after night
And though the whispers never replied
I felt the touch of their hidden light.

“It blinds me”, I lamented, in vain
Turning from the offending source
“If you only wish to cause me pain,
be gone, haunt me no more”.

But shadows hold no more mercy
Than the dawn of the first light
And for all its talk of blasphemous heresy
It is forever followed by the darkest night.

I stumbled on, darker into the eve
Knowing not what I seemed to seek
And in despair, it appeared I grieved
The loss of innocence, and all that was meek.

My vision grew blurry, senses failed me,
till I knew not right from wrong
I called for mercy, someone to save me
But there was only that haunted, tiring song.

“Enough! I’ve had, I shall run no more”
I said to myself as I stood my ground
And that is when I knew I’d been here before
The source of the Whispers I had found.

One life is all that’s given, they said
To those who know better than to disbelieve.
But Nine lives are saved for the Wretched
For the wretched have no right to reprieve.

And as I stood there in the setting sun
Feeling no warmth from the fading glow
I knew that I was created to burn,
Eight times fast, once soft and slow..


2 thoughts on “Nine Lives

  1. Mave says:

    Jade, this was brilliant. I was blown…
    You seem to be getting better at this everyday. I loved every single line and I love how beautifully it’s written. Even Milton would be proud.

    • MidoriiJade says:

      Thank you, Mave! And lol at the Milton bit.. Maybe if I was his granddaughter… Anyway, I’m sure the reading of Paradise Lost earlier has completely inspired this, and I do want to edit it a bit sometime. But, as of now, I like the way it ends. ^_^

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