To Kanzeon Bosatsu, The Merciful Goddess

Dear Goddess of Mercy,

Tell me, what it is that I have done wrong.
Before you punish me, at least name my crime
And, if you wish it remain unrevealed
at least assure me, it will make sense in time

For I have been cut, yet I will not bleed
You who know me so well, know how I shall be
and of everyone from the same scriptural creed
Oh, Goddess of Mercy, why pick me?

I have been here before, I’ve walked these halls
Goddess, dear Goddess, I’ve done my time
And it hasn’t been long since I learned to fall
I did as you asked, so, now, what is my crime?

Goddess of Mercy, Gentle and kind
Must you laugh as I struggle to breathe?
Must you set me ablaze to teach me to shine?
And must I not cry, only to relearn to bleed?


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