A Ship’s Ode to a Star

I’ve always been very good at falling apart
and it isn’t you, babe, who taught me the art
Though I’d like to believe it was your sinful ways
And the cooling memories of our summer days

My skin has been porcelain long before I met you
and to keep it from shattering was more than you could do.
I don’t mind, I’m also good at picking up the pieces
and putting them together even before the storm ceases

And I’ll sail with the West wind into the morrow
Leave behind all of you, and all your sorrow
Shine with the light, only the shattered can let through
And never spare a backward glance at the setting of you

For when I sail, I move steadfast and true
Alas, my compass is broken, my NorthStar was you
And now that you’ve said that you shine for me no more
I shall have to find my own way back to the shore

I’ve always been very good at falling apart
and, with you, love, I’ve perfected the art
Watch how I shine, see how I run
And say your goodbyes to my reflection in your setting Sun


2 thoughts on “A Ship’s Ode to a Star

  1. Dj says:

    Beautiful! Keep Writing ur good at this!

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