Steel and Fire

The Sword faces two sort of adversities.

The first is in the hands of a warrior; in combat, where it must prove itself sharp, hard and unrelenting. Its sole purpose is to strike, whether it be in the role of defense or offence, whether it be used to cut, slash or hack. It draws blood and it defends the man that holds it, as an instrument of both death and life.

The second sort of adversity is in the hands of a blacksmith. Where, in the middle of a furnace, the Sword finds itself soft, and malleable. The heat is unrelenting, yet the Sword must bear it, as it is beaten into shape, and made stronger. It is then placed against a grindstone and sharpened. The Sword does not flee from the pain (perhaps because it cannot) and in return it emerges harder, stronger and better than before.

In life too, there are adversities that we can face with our heads held high and our spines straight; where we are unflinching and stoic and strong and glorious. Here, our purpose is known to us, and our actions, those we have been created to perform. Our strength is tested, and most often, no matter the State of the situation, we emerge unscathed and straight and sharp.

However, there are certain events and hardships that leave us confused; where we wonder at our weakness, and are ashamed by it. At these times, we despair for we know not where our strength has flown, we are afraid because we cannot understand why we are soft where we once were unrelenting and hard as steel. And we hurt ourselves trying to escape the pain, instead of standing, unflinching.

However, if we were to do that, if we are able to withstand the heat, the fire, the unrelenting pain, it would pass on its own. And once time has had the chance to cool us down, though it may take years, we will see how we have emerged stronger, harder and better from that circumstance.

Some adversities just make you stronger and better enable you to face other situations in your life where you need that strength.

Do not flee from the fire; a sword that cools down too quickly is prone to break.

Yet, do not be ashamed of your softness; it is what keeps you from turning brittle and breaking.

The Sword remains a Sword.

And you shall remain you.

Become Strong.


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