Judaai (Badlapur): Translated Lyrics (English)

Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Dinesh Vijan & Priya Saraiya
Label: Eros Music
Singers: Rekha Bhardwaj, Arijit Singh

Raajhan Dhoondan Main Chaleya…
To find my Romeo, I set out
Raajhan Milya Na Ve…
I couldn’t find my Romeo
Jigra Vichon Agan Laga Ke Rabba…
Inside my heart, after igniting a fire, O Lord
Lakeeraan Vich Likhdi Judaai…
In my lines (of fate), you’ve written separation

Kho Gaya, Gum Ho Gaya
Has been lost, has gone missing
Waqt Se Churaya Tha Jo
That which was stolen from time, That
Apna Banaya Tha…
I Had made mine
Woh Tera, Woh Mera
That which was yours, that which was mine
Waqt se churaya tha jo
That which was stolen from time
Sapna sajaya tha
The Dream was decorated

Chadariya Jheeni Re Jheeni (x2)
The bed sheet is thin and worn, thin and worn
Aankhein Bheeni Yeh Bheeni Yeh Bheeni
The eyes are wet, these are wet, these are wet
Yaadein Jheeni Re Jheeni Re Jheeni
The memories are all delicate (thin & worn)(like in a bed sheet)
Chadariya Jheeni Re Jheeni (x2)
The bed sheet is thin and worn, thin and worn
Hai Aankhein Bheeni Yeh Bheeni Yeh Bheeni
The eyes are wet, these are wet, these are wet
Yaadein Jheeni Re Jheeni Re Jheeni
The memories are all delicate (thin and worn), are delicate, are delicate

Aisa Bhi Kya Milna, Saath Ho Ke Tanha
What’s the point of this kind of meeting, being together yet lonely
Aisi Kyun Saza Humne Hai Paayi, Raanjhna Ve
Why have I earned this sort of punishment, my beloved?
Phir Se Mujhe Jeena, Tujhpe Hai Marna
Again I want to live, On/For you, I want to die (again)
Phir Se Dil Ne Di Hai Yeh Duhaai, Saajna Ve
Once again, my heart has given me this curse, my partner
Lakeeron Pe Likh Di Kyun Judaai…
On these lines (of fate), why have you written separation?

Gair Sa Hua Khud Se Bhi, Na Koi Mera
Like a stranger I’ve become even to myself, no one is mine
Dard Se Kar Le Chal Yaari, Dil Ye Keh Raha
Become friends with pain, my heart is saying this
Kholun Jo Baahein… Bas Gham Yeh Simat Rahe Hai
When I open my arms, it’s just grief that comes and embraces me
Aankhon Ke Aage… Lamhe Yeh Kyun Ghat Rahe Hai
In front of my eyes, why are these moments slowly passing by
Jaane Kaise Koi Sehta Judaaiyaan
Who knows how anyone bears separation

Chadariya Jheeni Re Jheeni (x2)
The bed sheet is thin and worn, is thin and worn
Aankhein Bheeni Yeh Bheeni Yeh Bheeni
Eyes are wet, they’re wet, they’re wet
Yaadein Jheeni Re Jheeni Re Jheeni
The memories are all delicate (thin and worn), are delicate, are delicate
Chadariya Jheeni Re Jheeni (x2)
The bed sheet is thin and worn, is thin and worn
Hai Aankhein Bheeni Yeh Bheeni Yeh Bheeni
Yeah, These eyes are wet, they’re wet, they’re wet
Yaadein Jheeni Re Jheeni Re Jheeni
The memories are all thin and worn, are thin and worn, are thin and worn

Raajhan Dhoondan Main Chaleya…
In search of my Romeo, I set out
Raajhan Milya Na Ve…
I didn’t find my Romeo
Jigra Vichon Agan Laga Ke Rabba…
After igniting a fire inside my heart, O Lord
Lakeeraan Vich Likhdi Judaai…
You’ve written separation in my fate…

Credits for lyrics, with alternate translation: http://www.bollynook.com/en/lyrics/16146/judaai/

The Cost of Vengeance

Sadness and Rage are useful things,
If you know how to transform them both
Energy is at the root of it all
And all Knowledge is Power is growth

If there is but one thing that I have learned from you,
It is that vengeance is but natural
And he who strikes, must also pay the price
All what matters is the real and actual

Well, then I hope in that moment
Before I return your dagger from my back
You give me my due credit
For acing at least your tests in diplomacy and tact.

Yes, I know I broke some precious rules,
And I understand retribution had to follow
But what you don’t know, my dear friend of old
Is that Vengeance has always been my motto

You never knew the me before this me,
Never saw past gray rags and this cloak of red
You don’t understand, dear sandbox prince
The Vengeance against my own name that I have led.

There is no forgiveness for betrayal, nor has ever been
And you can see the punishment I chose for myself
Run, little lost prince, run away somewhere far from here
When pathos turns to wrath, to pay, there will be Hell.

Happiness: Just saying (Brave New World)

“Of course it does. Actual happiness always looks pretty
squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for
misery. And, of course, stability isn’t nearly so
spectacular as instability. And being contented has none
of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none
of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a
fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never

– Mustapha Mond, Brave New World

(Aldous Huxley)

But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.

– John, the Savage

[Brave New World]

Pyrrhic Victories

I dig my grave slower now, you know; Or,
Perhaps the speed of time is what has changed.
For I admit it takes a lot more things
To fill up the same four dimensions of space.

Could be a manufacturing defect,
The Lord knows I have an ark load of those;
But I always thought I’d hit rock bottom
All those lovely, colorful years ago.

You remember those days, don’t you, my dear?
The skies, wind and fire, the rain and desire?
Breathe, I jest; I know you have forgotten
And it’s my lone burden to light this pyre.

A requiem for a thought, more than a dream
Ah, we were not who I once thought we were
Still, I found us good, beautiful and true
Forgive my soul, Father, for I have erred.

Seeing things in one particular way,
We are both victorious, you could say in wisdom
Though I can’t help but wonder on good Fridays,
Whether your space tastes half as hollow as my freedom.

Song as Sung by Prince Lir to Lady Amalthea, from “The Last Unicorn” (by Peter S. Beagle)

“When I was a young man, and very well thought of,
I couldn’t ask aught that the ladies denied.
I nibbled their hearts like a handful of raisins,
And I never spoke love but I knew that I lied.

“But I said to myself, ‘Ah, they none of them know
The secret I shelter and savor and save.
I wait for the one who will see through my seeming,
And I’ll know when I love by the way I behave.’

“The years drifted over like clouds in the heavens;
The ladies went by me like snow on the wind.
I charmed and I cheated, deceived and dissembled,
And I sinned, and I sinned, and I sinned, and I sinned.

“But I said to myself, ‘Ah, they none of them see
There’s part of me pure as the whisk of a wave.
My lady is late, but she’ll find I’ve been faithful,
And I’ll know when I love by the way I behave.’

“At last came a lady both knowing and tender,
Saying, ‘You’re not at all what they take you to be.’
I betrayed her before she had quite finished speaking,
And she swallowed cold poison and jumped in the sea.

“And I say to myself, when there’s time for a word,
As I gracefully grow more debauched and depraved,
‘Ah, love may be strong, but a habit is stronger,
And I knew when I loved by the way I behaved.”


Nothing is ever enough. I suppose that is what it means to be human…

On The Heath

he made her heart beat

beyond instinct

making her completely aware

during moments they’d share

which were full of feeling

she made him more sensitive

and less of a beast

fully expressive

like a dog off its leash

but in spite of the fact that

he’d brought her to life

she now longed for experience

and even though she’d enabled his love

to him it wasn’t enough

© Heath Muchena, 2014

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Random Excerpts from Irish Fairy Tales, by James Stephens

Some extracts from this absolutely charming book I just finished reading on Irish fairy tales. Just had to share. The book is full of wonder, just as any faery tale should be, and even its sadder moments are colored through with a fascinatingly philosophical approach to all of life and its troubles. My only regret is that I did not come across these stories sooner. Fee free to go through some of these random excerpts from the book, and I am certain you will want to read it yourself. Peace!

The mind flinches even from the control of natural law, and how much more from the despotism of its own separated likenesses, for if another can control me that other has usurped me, has become me, and how terribly I seem diminished by the seeming addition!

This sense of separateness is vanity, and is the bed of all wrong-doing. For we are not freedom, we are control, and we must submit to our own function ere we can exercise it. Even unconsciously we accept the rights of others to all that we have, and if we will not share our good with them, it is because we cannot, having none; but we will yet give what we have, although that be evil. To insist on other people sharing in our personal torment is the first step towards insisting that they shall share in our joy, as we shall insist when we get it.


So vast was the slaughter made by these sheep and so great the terror they caused, that no one could stand before them, but by great good luck there was a wood at hand, and the men of Ulster, warriors and princes and charioteers, were forced to climb up the trees, and they roosted among the branches like great birds, while the venomous sheep ranged below bleating terribly and tearing up the ground.

Fiachna Fim was also sitting in a tree, very high up, and he was disconsolate.
“We are disgraced,” said he.
“It is very lucky,” said the man in the branch below, “that a sheep cannot climb a tree.”
“We are disgraced for ever,” said the King of Ulster.
“If those sheep learn how to climb, we are undone surely,” said the man below.
“I will go down and fight the sheep,” said Fiachna. But the others would not let the king go.
“It is not right,” they said, “that you should fight sheep.”

“Some one must fight them,” said Fiachna Finn, “but no more of my men shall die until I fight myself; for if I am fated to die, I will die and I cannot escape it, and if it is the sheep’s fate to die, then die they will; for there is no man can avoid destiny, and there is no sheep can dodge it either.”


“It is not nice of you to laugh at us,” said Fiachna Finn.
“Who could help laughing at a king hunkering on a branch and his army roosting around him like hens?” said the stranger.
“Nevertheless,” the king replied, “it would be courteous of you not to laugh at misfortune.”
“We laugh when we can,” commented the stranger, “and are thankful for the chance.”
“You may come up into the tree,” said Fiachna, “for I perceive that you are a mannerly person, and I see that some of the venomous sheep are charging in this direction. I would rather protect you,” he continued, “than see you killed; for,” said he lamentably, “I am getting down now to fight the sheep.”


Mongan did not want to say anything more then, but the King of Leinster was so intent and everybody else was listening and Duv Laca was nudging his arm, so he said: “What is it that you do want?”
“I want DuvLaca.”
“I want her too,” said Mongan.
“You made your bargain,” said the King of Leinster, “my cows and their calves for your Duv Laca, and the man that makes a bargain keeps a bargain.”
“I never before heard,” said Mongan, “of a man giving away his own wife.”
“Even if you never heard of it before, you must do it now,” said Duv Laca, “for honour is longer than life.”
Mongan became angry when Duv Laca said that. His face went red as a sunset, and the veins swelled in his neck and his forehead.
“Do you say that?” he cried to Duv Laca.
“I do,” said Duv Laca.
“Let the King of Leinster take her,” said Mongan.


Still, if you keep on driving a pig or a story they will get at last to where you wish them to go, and the man who continues putting one foot in front of the other will leave his home behind, and will come at last to the edge of the sea and the end of the world.


“Is that the sun I see shining, my friend?” the king asked.
“It may be the sun,” replied mac an Da’v, peering curiously at the golden radiance that dozed about them, “but maybe it’s a yellow fog.”
“What is life at all?” said the king.
“It is a weariness and a tiredness,” said mac an Da’v. “It is a long yawn without sleepiness. It is a bee, lost at midnight and buzzing on a pane. It is the noise made by a tied-up dog. It is nothing worth dreaming about. It is nothing at all.”